Diabetic nephropathy control the disease is particularly imp

As a diabetic complications, the treatment of diabetic nephropathy more difficult than diabetes, the harm of this disease we need to understand the prevention of diabetic nephropathy, but for those who already suffering from diabetic nephropathy, how to control the condition? the following , Let our experts to tell you how to control the condition is particularly important for diabetic nephropathy.

First, effective control of diabetes is the key to prevent the occurrence and development of various complications of the primary factors.

Therefore, patients from the beginning to take exercise, diet and drugs combined with the combination of treatment, so that blood sugar fell to the desired range and maintain long-term stable state, in order to reduce the incidence of diabetic nephropathy.

Second, strict control of blood pressure, high blood pressure can cause kidney damage, antihypertensive therapy for the improvement of glomerular filtration rate is very important.

In the early stages of diabetes, treatment of hypertension may be more important than controlling blood sugar, but both should be carried out at the same time.

Third, the control of protein intake, excessive intake of protein food can increase the burden on the kidneys, is not conducive to the control of diabetic nephropathy.

Experts suggest that patients with diabetic nephropathy daily intake of protein should not exceed 40g.

Fourth, diabetic patients should regularly check the kidney.

The development of renal damage in diabetic patients is the process of gradual accumulation. Experts pointed out that diabetic nephropathy is clinically pided into five, in general, if the blood glucose is not well controlled, type 1 diabetes patients progress every 5 years, type 2 diabetes patients about three or four years progress 1.

5, diabetic nephropathy as a diabetic complications, diet and diabetes are different, because the principle of diabetes nephropathy diet requires high quality protein diet.

The so-called high-quality, milk protein is better, followed by eggs, protein, fish protein, lean protein, and plant protein for the inferior protein, such as soy products, daily bread, rice contains protein,should be limited, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys.

Through the introduction above, you now have to understand it, daily total staple food of diabetic nephropathy diet principle to the  250-300 grams, but also pay attention to high calcium and low phosphorus way of eating, so as not to increase the burden on the kidney and aggravate the condition. But also to do a good job of prevention and treatment to help the recovery of diabetic nephropathy as soon as possible. If you have questions about kidney disease, you need to have a detailed understanding of our online experts, our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.