How to prevent diabetic nephropathy from diet?

Diet is the source of nutrition which provide all the energy for our physical and physical activities , but you know that diet is not only the basic guarantee of human energy intake, but also an indispensable need for healthy human life. Through the diet, the body can grow, physical and mental pleasure. Therefore, the diet plays a vital role for our body's health .

With the increase in diabetes, diabetic nephropathy has become an important factor in chronic renal failure. So the prevention and treatment of diabetic nephropathy has become the focus, first of all to actively correct abnormal glucose metabolism, strict control of blood pressure and correct lipid abnormalities, but the same measures with the above measures is to limit protein intake.

Studies have shown that diabetes once the glomerular filtration rate decreased by 60% or even, or combined with proteinuria, the need to limit protein intake. Under normal circumstances, daily intake of protein should be less than 0.8 g / kg, severe can be more stringent. Why limit the protein intake to make such a clear delineation? This is due to low-protein diet on the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy prevention and treatment.

Glomerular hyperperfusion, high filtration in the early stages of diabetes can be thrown, and high blood pressure in diabetic patients with high incidence and severe, so this high pressure can be directly into the glomeruli, a to promote the formation of proteinuria, on the other hand also damage the glomerular capillaries, which can lead to the occurrence of kidney disease and become more severe. High protein can significantly increase glomerular blood flow, thereby increasing kidney damage, and low protein is significantly reduced the process.

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