Diabetic nephropathy in patients with dietary considerations

Diabetic nephropathy should pay attention to what diet? What can eat what can not eat? This is the diabetic kidney patients must know the diet common sense. Here we listen to our experts is how to introduce.

1, Eat small meals, so that both to meet the heat and nutrient supply can also avoid the peak of blood sugar after meals.

2, eat dessert and salty point will cause blood sugar.

3, carbohydrate food to eat according to regulations, can not eat less can not eat. To eat evenly (carbohydrate foods include: food, vegetables, milk, eggs, soy products, hard fruit food)

4, eat "diabetes food" and ordinary food should be equal to the same. Because "diabetes food" is made of high dietary fiber food, such as: buckwheat, oats and other foods that absorb a long time, but will become glucose.

5, the so-called sugar-free food is not added sugar food. Some foods with sweeteners instead of sugar, still can not eat.

6, starch as the main ingredient of vegetables should be counted in the staple food. These vegetables are potatoes, sweet potatoes, lilies and so on.

7, eat more dietary fiber foods, eat less salt.

8, eat less food containing cholesterol.

9, eat low sugar content of fruit: apples, pears, oranges, oranges, strawberries and so on.

The above is on the diabetic nephropathy diet notes related to the introduction, if you have knowledge about kidney disease need to conduct a detailed understanding, you can consult our online experts, our experts will be based on the actual condition of the patient given the most professional guidance The