How can diabetic patients prevent urinary tract infection?

Diabetic patients are accompanied by a variety of complications. Because of the special environment of high concentration of glucose in urine with urinary tract in favor of bacterial reproduction, the urinary tract infection has become one of the common complications of diabetes mellitus. At the same time, urinary tract infection is an important cause of elevated blood sugar in diabetes. Therefore, the active prevention and treatment of diabetic patients with urinary tract infection is of great significance. The main measures to prevent urinary tract infection in diabetic patients are:

How can diabetic patients prevent urinary tract infection?

Active treatment of diabetes, keep blood sugar close to normal levels, urine sugar to negative or trace, so that the urinary tract is not conducive to the growth of bacteria environment, which is the main means of prevention of urinary tract infection.

When the urine pH value is low, acidic urine, also suitable for bacterial growth. At this time may drink mineral water, or oral alkaline drugs, such as sodium bicarbonate.

Diabetes patients should pay special attention to local health care.

Appropriate increase in drinking water to rinse the urinary tract. There is a timely emptying of urine, not provide the opportunity for the invasion, parasitism and reproduction of bacteria.

Diabetes easily complicated by neurogenic bladder, leading to urinary retention, which is urinary tract infection occurred in the incentive. This should be taken seriously and treatment.