What are the symptoms of diabetic complications of kidney di

There will be a lot of complications of diabetes kidney disease symptoms, the need to pay special attention to patients with diabetes complications to patients with injury, patients should pay special attention to the complications of diabetes, complications of diabetic nephropathy so what are they? Let the experts to answer.

1. There are obvious anemia, azotemia in patients with diabetic nephropathy, can be symptoms of anemia, mild to moderate, with iron treatment is invalid. Anemia generation disorder caused by red blood cells, and diabetic nephropathy patients with long-term restricted protein diet, occurrence of azotemia.

2. protein in the urine. The urine protein is the first sign of symptoms of diabetic nephropathy. The early stage of diabetic nephropathy, urinary albumin symptoms only, selective proteinuria, this state is sustainable for many years. With the progress of diabetic nephropathy patients, the patient began to persistent proteinuria, glomerular filtration rate decreased gradually, serious kidney disease the degree will be further aggravated. At this time, large amount of proteinuria in patients with diabetic nephropathy, glomerular filtration rate is lower than normal, renal progression will be difficult to control, will soon become the diabetic renal failure.

3. Edema and nephrotic syndrome in patients with early diabetic nephropathy is generally not swollen; when the patients with diabetic nephropathy urine protein in 24 hours more than 3 grams, swelling will appear. Once the patients show obvious systemic edema, diabetic nephropathy is the disease continued to progress. Diabetic nephropathy patients have symptoms in more than half of the body edema sick people, this may be due to the loss of proteinuria in patients with diabetic nephropathy caused by hypoproteinemia caused by diabetic nephropathy patients. The longer, due to the complication of diabetic nephropathy edema appeared more, which will have about 20% of diabetic patients with nephrotic syndrome.

The above is about the complications of diabetes symptoms, I hope for your help. Patients with diabetes complications if not treated promptly, the disease will continue to increase, but also make life is threatened, so as soon as possible to go to the hospital for treatment, I wish you a speedy recovery.