Feeling particularly hungry before lunch may be an early sig

Ms. Chen, 40, usually the body has always been good. Last month, there is a strange phenomenon, often appear flustered, before lunch handshaken, feel very hungry, no effort.

At first, Ms. Chen think breakfast eat less cause, try to eat breakfast, a bowl from the previous Rice porridge, a steamed stuffed bun, add to a bowl of Rice porridge, steamed two, a boiled egg. However, the situation has not significantly improved. Then, she went to the hospital, the result is a diagnosis of diabetes.

Department of Endocrinology Zhejiang Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital director Professor Ni Haixiang said: "like Ms. Chen in the clinic is more, clinically known as" reactive hypoglycemia ", also called" non fasting hypoglycemia ", in forty or fifty years the majority of the people, are mostly overweight, have a family history of diabetes. Although this kind of person is not to be diagnosed with diabetes, but it is easy to become diabetic, to early intervention.

People with reactive hypoglycemia tend to be more careful

"Reactive hypoglycemia occurs in 2-4 hours after the meal, the main reason is the secretion of insulin and blood glucose does not match the peak." Professor Ni Haixiang said, under normal circumstances, people in after the meal insulin secretion will reach the first peak in about 10 minutes; half an hour to two hours to reach the second peak, at this time, just to catch up with the the blood glucose peak after the digestion and absorption of food, the two peak in parallel, there won't be hypoglycemia phenomenon. Reactive hypoglycemia of insulin secretion is relatively small, often to eat after three or four hours, in order to reach a peak, while glucose has been depleted, there was a tremor, palpitation, sweating, fatigue, hunger and other symptoms of hypoglycemia.

Overweight people are at high risk of hypoglycemia reaction. Ni professor said that this is because insulin is the only hypoglycemic hormone in the human body, obesity can weaken the physiological functions of insulin, blood glucose and body in order to maintain the normal, would require large amounts of insulin secretion of islet beta cells, in the course of time will be damaged. When beta the variation of cell function, insulin secretion of the body will slow down the speed, so that the insulin secretion peak delayed.

Diet, proper exercise breakfast, do not eat cake bread

Professor Ni reminded that if there are more than two hypoglycemia symptoms in a week, we should go to the hospital in time to make sure whether it is reactive hypoglycemia. If so, it is suggested that early intervention will help to delay the process of diabetes

"In general, reactive hypoglycemia early is not required for drug intervention, through diet, exercise to adjust." Professor Ni said, the best breakfast could increase the number of crude fiber, such as corn, sweet potatoes, soup water as little as possible, if there is porridge habits, that burned a little dry in particular, to avoid high sugar foods like cakes, bread, dessert, etc. are not suitable for use as breakfast, dessert is easy to absorb, digest quickly, more likely to cause the symptoms of hypoglycemia "

In addition, we must adhere to exercise, exercise not only helps to lose weight, but also can improve the sensitivity of insulin, and promote the matching of insulin and blood sugar

Hungry there before lunch, the first reaction is to eat some biscuits and other snacks to cushion pad hunger, Professor Ni is opposed to this practice. He said, the normal people may not be a big problem, but for reactive hypoglycemia people, on the one hand, and the meal can not solve the fundamental problem, on the other hand, eat easily lead to excess nutrients, counterproductive.

Professor Ni also reminds, the inchoate signal of diabetes has a lot of, besides reactive hypoglycemia, and fatigue, blurred vision, night urine increased, polydipsia, excessive eating, emaciation, etc., appear these symptoms, should go to the hospital to see a doctor as soon as possible.