Drinking less sugary drinks may reduce the risk of type 2 di

According to Xinhua news agency, London (reporter Zhang Jiawei) a new British study by researchers at the University of Cambridge showed that no artificial soft drinks or sugary drinks instead of milk, water, unsweetened tea or coffee, will help reduce the risk of type II diabetes.

Soft drinks are almost artificial drinks made without alcohol. Most of them are sugary from the type of soft drinks they serve

A statement released on the University of Cambridge 1 years ago pointed out, British researchers began a large-scale survey. A total of more than 25 thousand volunteers participated in the survey, they are at the age of 40 to 79 years old. During the follow-up survey for 11 years, according to the requirements of volunteers recorded daily diet myself, especially is the sugar intake. By the end of the study, volunteers in 847 were diagnosed with type II diabetes.

The researchers found through data analysis and calculation, if the volunteers with water, soft drink unsweetened tea or coffee instead of a daily habit of drinking, the patients of type II diabetes can reduce the risk of 14%. in terms of the above sugar free drinks instead of a daily habit of drinking sugary drinks milk, these volunteers had type II diabetes risk can be reduced by 20% to 25%.

The researchers say the results of this study and previously published research report similar conclusions accord, which for the WHO about sugar intake limiting dietary recommendations provide a more adequate basis. The research results of the University of Cambridge have been previously published in journal Science > < German Diabetes.