Can diabetes be inherited?

There are friends ask, my father has diabetes, my mother has diabetes. Will I have diabetes? There are netizens worry, I have heard that diabetes can be hereditary, a child of 3 years old, the future of this disease is also transmitted to him?

Diabetes is a genetic disease, but it does not necessarily mean a disease

Diabetes is a hereditary disease, have been found, with a family history of diabetes were 3~40 times higher than the incidence rate of patients with no family history. In the normal population, the prevalence of diabetes is 1%~5%, but for the parents of people with diabetes, the chances of children suffering from diabetes are more than 50%.

In our country, the heritability of diabetes is 51.2%~73.8%, generally higher than 60%., but the heritability of type 1 diabetes is less than 60%, so we can see that the heritability of type 2 diabetes is more than that of type 1 diabetes mellitus

The dual effects of genetic and environmental factors are more susceptible to disease

Beijing Friendship Hospital Department of Endocrinology Xu Baoye, deputy director of the doctor believes that diabetes and genetic factors, parents, if they are diabetic patients, the children born with diabetes opportunities increased significantly

Jiangsu Hospital Department of Endocrinology expert Zhen Zhang stability: the study found that diabetes and genetic and family history does have a certain relationship, but that does not mean that parents are children of patients with diabetes have diabetes, parents are suffering from diabetes, the incidence rate of their children and are non 100%. because the relationship between the environmental factors and the incidence of diabetes mellitus more closely, such as obesity, infection, long-term intake of sugary foods are important factors to induce diabetes, affect each other in the dual role of genetic and environmental factors, and is more susceptible to diabetes.

Because of the close association of diabetes with genetic, genetic and more complex, the age of onset is different, so those who have diabetes in the family, and children should pay attention to nutritional status, lifestyle, and be closely monitored, under the guidance of a doctor to take measures actively.

"Marriage and childbearing among people with diabetes are inappropriate," said the WHO in a professional meeting. "This will increase the number of diabetic children and lead to an earlier age of diabetes in the population."

In short, reduce the predisposing factors of diabetes, can prevent the occurrence of diabetes, so people with a family history, should actively prevent, control diet, avoid obesity. If there is no family history of diabetes, also pay attention to raise vigilance, can not ignore the weight factors of diabetes.

In addition, even people who have no family history of diabetes, over 40 years of age, should also control weight gain in case they develop diabetes