How to control the incidence of diabetic nephropathy in Chin

Diabetes causes kidney disease, diabetic nephropathy, in recent years, the number of people with diabetes in a sharp rise, so the number of patients with diabetic nephropathy in a straight line rise, because it is not easy to control blood sugar, so most people with diabetes prone to diabetes kidney disease relapse after treatment, and relapse frequently, bring endless bitterness to patient, mental stress, damage, and personal health.

1, Avoid overwork and work together

Exercise should be modest: gentle movements should be encouraged in the early stages, such as tai chi and walking. Avoid heavy manual labor and rapid movement; In the later stages of the disease, the time of bed rest should be increased.

2, diet

Diabetic nephropathy is kidney function is damaged due to elevated blood sugar in diabetic nephropathy, so attention should be paid to the amount of sugar in their diet intake, try to keep sugar-free, less sugar diet guidelines; Yang deficiency type patient multi-purpose removing products, liquid form appropriate heat to use, can enhance the medicine, the amount of sugar, protein, every day in the diet should pay close attention to, at the same time pay attention to when using insulin to control blood sugar of diabetic nephropathy injection method and dose, avoid skin infections, and hypoglycemia. At the same time daily diet should eat the food that has curing effect to the kidney.

3, Avoid infections, colds

Not only causes blood sugar fluctuations in diabetic nephropathy, but also exacerbates kidney function, which leads to elevated blood pressure and proteinuria. So to prevent a cold; Prevent the cold first want to keep the bedroom air pure and fresh, the time ventilated change, the air that excludes indoor filth.

Second, be careful to live, avoid cold and heat. Spring and summer season, the weather changed from cold, warm hot, don't take off prematurely cotton-padded clothes, get into the habit of early to bed and early to rise, do more outdoor activities, improve the body's ability to adapt. In the autumn and winter, the climate turns cool, should keep warm to the cold, go to bed early, and follow the change of the four time. During influenza pandemics, avoid public places and avoid contact with patients.

4, Stay in good mood

Patients with diabetic nephropathy should avoid violent mood swings, and patients should be optimistic about keeping their minds open. Patients with this disease have different levels of depression and anxiety, because they are more or less to hear the disease will eventually develop into renal failure, and appear different degrees of anxiety. The doctor to tell patients condition and talked, to alleviate the psychological burden, the stable mood, sets up the confidence to conquer the disease, is of great benefit for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy.

How to control the recurrence rate of diabetic nephropathy? This is to ask the patient to form a good life habit, the kidney disease symptom is timely and correct treatment, wish you get rid of kidney disease trouble at an early date, the life is good and happy.