What are the key points of nursing care of type 2 diabetes should pay attention to?

What are the key points of nursing care of type 2 diabetes should pay attention to?
Diet: mention diet, in fact, we will not feel strange, it is to provide people living on the basis of, but also on the disease there is a great role. Therefore, for diabetic patients, poor diet adjustment will lead to many diseases, including diabetes is one. Bad eating habits in life, such as eating too much, will lead to increased blood sugar, thus inducing diabetes. There is a long time to rice flour as staple food, which is one of the reasons of the loss of a large number of diabetes induced by trace elements and vitamins. Because these dogs have no rice powder trace elements and vitamins, resulting in long-term lack of nutrition caused by diabetes people.
Exercise: in our daily life, exercise is also an essential part of the fact that regular exercise and non total exercise in the apparent resistance can be reflected. Its incidence is often higher than a lot of exercise, we can see that exercise is also an important factor leading to diabetes. The reduction can cause obesity, and obesity can also lead to increased blood glucose, thereby inducing diabetes.
Age: half of type II diabetic patients in 55 years after onset. Elderly patients prone to diabetes and older people to being overweight. This age is also a common cause of type 2 diabetes.
Obesity: body center obese patients with excess fat concentrated in the abdomen, they are more concentrated in the buttocks and thighs than those who are more prone to type 2 diabetes. The genetic causes of obesity, also can cause type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Daily nursing of type 2 diabetes mellitus
1 emotional care
When they were ill, patients usually have some negative or extreme emotions, but experts remind, in order to condition to look good, the patients should control their emotions, to avoid some bad feelings, normal operation, positive and optimistic situation is more conducive to the body's endocrine and have contribute to insulin secretion, therefore, emotional control in patients with type 2 diabetes is very important.
2 life care
Life care includes daily life, in the diet, the total heat mainly controls the daily intake from the diet, in which food need food, what food can eat, should strictly abide by the. In addition, the daily life, patients should sleep on time, get up on time, regular life is to ensure that the body's normal metabolism of the foundation for the control of diabetes is also very critical.
In addition, patients should strengthen the physical exercise, can insist on a certain amount of daily exercise, not only help to improve their own immunity, but also can improve the insulin sensitivity, glucose and lipid control to a certain extent.
3 avoid infection
Type 2 diabetes patients in vivo blood glucose level is relatively high, but also for many bacteria, mold to create a better breeding conditions, therefore, patients must pay attention to maintain their personal hygiene, to avoid infection. Many complications are caused by infection, its harm is self-evident.
Type 2 diabetes to do self conditioning
The first step: blood glucose self testing
Diabetes self care of one of the most important is to test their blood sugar every day. Doctors will be based on the patient's current personal situation to develop a blood glucose test table, tell the patient should be at what time to detect blood glucose. Patients who received insulin therapy were significantly more likely to have higher blood glucose levels than those who had only diet and exercise control.
The second step: the control objectives of inpidual
"If you do not know the significance of detection of the numerical results, it is just some worthless figures." Qi Yiqin said, diabetic patients need to consult a doctor first test results (including self testing blood glucose, glycosylated hemoglobin) within the scope of what is considered standard. 2007 edition of "Chinese type II diabetes prevention guidelines" recommended target is fasting blood glucose 4.4 ~ 6.1mmol/L, non fasting blood glucose of 4.4 to 8.0mmol/L, glycosylated hemoglobin
The third step: use as clear as noonday
Ask more questions when seeing a doctor. If the doctor let take hypoglycemic drugs, be sure to ask what the drug is going to take, why prescribe this medicine. Can design a medication schedule to ensure timely use, avoid missed.
The fourth step: make a good diet plan
To understand and record their diet, in order to gradually find out the different effects on blood glucose of food. For sugar friends, there is no absolute diet restricted area, the key is to control the intake. Qi Yiqin suggested that diabetes novice best to see a nutritionist, he will tell you some basic dietary aspects, and develop dietary plans.
The fifth step: pay attention to sports safety
The principle of treatment of type II diabetes is the most important movement! The expert points out, to reduce blood sugar, we must adhere to exercise every day, but to do what, step by step ". Remember every time before and after exercise to measure blood sugar, to avoid hypoglycemia.
The sixth step: the ability to fight diabetes
The last is for family or friends, mutual support and help patients group. Diabetes treatment can not be done overnight, in the long treatment of the road, patients may be discouraged or somewhat lax, then need the support and encouragement of people around.