Causes of high creatinine in kidney disease

There are many kidney disease patients have heard that high creatinine level but they don’t know what is high creatinine level, and also don’t know the harmful of high creatinine level, experts for these patients can enhance their knowledge and nephropathy prevention knowledge, specially for everyone to bring about the causes of high creatinine.

(1) the body water loss, such as fever, sweating, drinking water to reduce the amount of polyuria period leads to blood concentration, reduced renal blood flow, there will be increased creatinine.

(2) fatigue, bad rest and lack of detail in life can also cause a certain range of blood creatinine increase.

(3) abnormal urine, the long-term occurrence of hematuria, proteinuria, people will unknowingly appear elevated creatinine phenomenon.

(4) patients with kidney disease take drugs that damage the kidneys under unknown conditions, which can lead to elevated creatinine levels and even irreversible effects.

(5) people with renal dysfunction may experience elevated creatinine in the short term when they are infected (including colds, pneumonia, intestinal infections, urinary tract infections, etc.).

(6) hypertensive patients, unstable blood pressure, there will be high creatinine phenomenon.

(7) patients with kidney disease lead to elevated creatinine due to a recurrence of the disease.

This phenomenon of high creatinine is very common phenomenon of renal disease, patients suffering from high creatinine to cure their disease as soon as possible, we must first change their health habits, and keep the peace of mind, and timely to the hospital for standard treatment, if you have questions. We can on the bottom of the online consultation.