Is serum creatinine the lower the best?

Adult women, serum creatinine normal usually 60umol / l up and down, adult men, serum creatinine around 80umol / l up and down.

In addition to gender, serum creatinine is also affected by the diet, the greater the muscle content, therefore, different people, there will be inpidual differences in serum creatinine.

Serum creatinine was significantly increased, usually indicating the deterioration of renal function, therefore, many kidney Friends seeking lower serum creatinine as possible.

However, we must make it clear that, in addition to those kidney nephritis patients with acute kidney injury, serum creatinine decreased after renal function recovery, most of our nephrons serum creatinine stable at one level, on behalf of renal function at this level. We seek to maintain long-term stability of renal function, protect the rest of the renal function, to prevent rapid increase of serum creatinine, rather than simply by some methods to reduce serum creatinine so that the surface value of "good-looking."

And the value of serum creatinine is not as low as possible, some extremely thin, malnutrition, long-term vegetarian only eat vegetarian do not eat meat, serum creatinine can appear low, which does not mean that their renal function is better .

It is also worth noting that because of the lack of standardization of serum creatinine in the country, some hospitals may have some test errors and different hospital test results may be different. This is because the test error caused by different serum creatinine, there is no better way to eliminate, so in this case, renal Friends of the serum creatinine than the best in the same hospital.

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