Diet meal plan for high creatinine level in patients

Now more and more patients with high creatinine, mainly because of improper diet and the wrong way of lifestyle . Generally found that if the body indicators abnormal, are directly to the hospital for medical treatment. In fact, diet in the treatment process also has a very important role, and improper diet is also one of the main causes of disease, only to improve eating habits, the effect of creatinine treatment was obvious. Here is a detailed description of Diet meal plan for high creatinine level in patients.

(1) Reduce sodium salt WHO recommends no more than 6g per person per day. About 80% of the sodium in our diet comes from cooking or salt-containing pickles, so salt is the first to reduce the cooking salt and high salt spices, eat a variety of pickles and salted food. In the case of

(2) to reduce the dietary fat supplement the right amount of high quality protein eggs recommended to improve the animal food structure, reduce the high fat pork, increase the protein and fat less fat poultry and fish. Protein accounts for about 15% of total calories, animal protein accounted for 20% of total protein. In the case of

(3) pay attention to add potassium and calcium Chinese diet low potassium and low calcium, should increase the potassium, calcium and high food, such as green leafy vegetables, milk, beans and other products. In the case of

(4) eat more vegetables and fruits to prove that increased vegetable or fruit intake, reduce fat intake can make SBP and DBP decline. Vegetarians have lower blood pressure than meat eaters, and their antihypertensive effects may be based on the combined effects of fruits, vegetables, dietary fiber and low fat. 

(5) Restricted drinking although there is evidence that a very small amount of drinking may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, there is a linear correlation between alcohol consumption and blood pressure levels and the prevalence of hypertension, and therefore do not advocate the use of a small amount of alcohol to prevent coronary heart disease, Blood pressure patients should be alcohol, because drinking can increase the resistance to taking antihypertensive drugs. Recommended men such as drinking alcohol daily alcohol consumption should be less than 20 ~ 30g, women should be less than 10 ~ 15g.

The above is about "Diet meal plan for high creatinine level in patients" , hoping to bring you help. If conditions permit, high creatinine patients can ask a professional doctor according to their own condition to develop a suitable diet plan to prevent improper diet, affecting the treatment effect.