Indicators that Nephropathy patients must be controlled.

In the treatment process of Nephropathy must be controlled by indicators of proteinuria, proteinuria on the destruction of the kidneys is a continuous process, a long time proteinuria will irreversibly damage the function of the kidney and eventually into renal failure.

Therefore, in order to truly block the progression of nephropathy, there is no other alternative but the only way to control proteinuria.

Control of proteinuria, is to fundamentally repair damaged kidney organs, activate damage due to temporary damage to the nephron, restore renal filtration and reabsorption.

However, all this is done at a stage where the kidneys retain normal areas. If you do not control, let its development, to the renal failure period, most of the basic functions of the kidney can not be reversed, only by treatment to keep the remaining functional status.

So, how can we effectively control proteinuria?


From the current medical level, hormone therapy based solely on Western medicine can only be effective temporarily, once the withdrawal, will immediately relapse.

This is due to hormones can only inhibit the immune inflammatory reaction in the body during the medication to reduce the formation of abnormal protein, before the control of kidney disease, reduce or stop the drug will cause the immune inflammatory reaction comeback.

Therefore, the control of proteinuria, and even control the development of kidney disease, only the choice of combination of Chinese and Western therapy, inhibition of inflammation with Western medicine, with Chinese medicine to block and repair of kidney damage.

Life: to prevent proteinuria increase or recurrence, you need to maintain a low salt, light diet, but also pay attention to work and rest, neither too tired nor do not exercise, so that physical decline.

The true meaning of proteinuria being controlled is that the kidneys regain normal function, that is, kidney disease no longer develops toward worse outcomes. Only by choosing a regular hospital, to find the correct treatment, in order to achieve proteinuria control.

These are the indicators of kidney disease need to control the introduction, I hope can be helpful to you, if you have any questions about the kidney disease need to understand in detail, you can consult our online experts, our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.