Is sweet potato suitable for kidney disease patients to eat?

Sweet potato is suitable for patients with kidney disease, sweet potato for kidney disease patients, there are many advantages, here we come to find out about it.

1, sweet potato contains protein, much lower than ordinary staple foods such as white rice, noodles, is conducive to kidney Friends reduce the intake of staple food protein. (Per 100g sweet potato protein only 1.1g)

2. The available research data indicate that dietary fiber-rich diet is beneficial to kidney disease and helps fight cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and all-cause mortality.

3, sweet potato dietary fiber is very rich, it is precisely because of the sweet potato easy to stimulate bowel movements, "eat sweet potato always fart" is actually a scientific basis.

Nephrologists can often use some sweet potato instead of ordinary staple food.

How much can kidney friends eat ?

One day to eat 50 ~ 100g.

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