The nutritional needs of kidney dialysis

The nutritional needs of kidney dialysis are important! Because the nutritional requirements are important when kidney  dialysis .

Periodic hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis patients daily nutrient requirements should be based on dialysis, frequency, time and condition changes. Daily heat can be 126 to 146 kJ (30 to 35 kcal) / kg body weight supply.If lack of heat, and then add 70% glucose solution,should be as much as possible to encourage patients to eat , such as enteral nutrition can not meet the needs, may be appropriate to use intravenous nutrition. In the course of dialysis treatment can lose a lot of amino acids, vitamins and glucose, should pay attention to add. 

To ensure heat supply

Hemodialysis treatment of patients with daily heat supply should be 126 to 146 kJ per kilogram of body weight (30 to 35 kcal), peritoneal dialysis treatment of patients per kilogram of body weight 146-188 kJ (35 to 45 kcal).

Timely replenishment of protein

If the patient is 3 times a week for hemodialysis, the minimum daily requirement for food protein is 1.0 g per kilogram of body weight, and 50% of the high quality protein is rich in essential amino acids.

Add enough vitamin

Dialysis blood water-soluble vitamins seriously lost, it must be added B vitamins, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and so on. Vegetables, fruits can be eaten, but to determine the number of patients with the disease.

Salt, fruit juice and high potassium vegetables, fruits and so on according to the disease limit. Should not choose dry beans and their products, nuts and other non-essential amino acid content of food. Animal fats and irritating foods such as peppers, mustard, pepper, coffee and so on.

The above is the nutritional needs of kidney dialysis, it is best to consult their own attending physician or our online experts, according to their own situation to add nutrition.