What are the performance of hematuria

Hematuria color will not only be red, it is only that there is red blood cells in urine, in fact, hematuria symptoms have its own unique clinical manifestations, people are not familiar with hematuria disease, do not blindly develop some treatment programs, must after the professional medical technical examination, discuss with the doctor to have the best treatment, then, what are the performance of hematuria?

1. Changes in urine color

The main performance of hematuria is the urine color changes, in addition to microscopic hematuria color normal, the amount of hematuria according to the amount of bleeding was different colors. Urine was light red like washing meat water, suggesting that each liter of urine containing more than 1mL. Bleeding can be severe when the urine is like blood. When kidney bleeding, urine and blood mixed evenly, urine was dark red; bladder or prostate bleeding urine color red, and sometimes there are blood clots.

2. Sectional urine abnormalities

Observe the color of the whole urine segment, such as test three cup of urine, with three clean glass, respectively, to stay in the beginning, the middle and end of urine observation, such as the beginning of hematuria prompted lesions in the urethra; terminal hematuria prompted bleeding parts in the bladder neck, triangle or posterior urethra of the prostate and seminal vesicle; three urine were red that hematuria, suggesting that hematuria from the kidney or ureter.

3. Renal or postrenal hematuria

Microscopic hematuria color normal, but microscopic examination can determine hematuria, and can be judged to be renal or postrenal hematuria. Microscopic red blood cells vary in size and shape for the glomerular hematuria, seen in glomerulonephritis.

4. Symptomatic hematuria

Hematuria while patients with systemic or local symptoms. And the main symptoms of the urinary system. Such as accompanied by kidney dull pain or colic prompted lesions in the kidneys. Bladder and urethral lesions are often urinary urgency and urination difficult.

5. Asymptomatic hematuria

Some patients have hematuria without urinary tract symptoms or systemic symptoms, seen in the early stages of certain diseases, such as kidney tuberculosis, kidney cancer or early stage of bladder cancer.

The above is relevant introduction about hematuria performance, I believe you read this article will have a certain understanding of hematuria, if you still have question about kidney disease need a detailed understanding, you can consult our online experts, our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.