How to resist infection for renal insufficiency patient.

Patients with renal insufficiency due to their own low resistance, it is prone to have infection, and infection is leading to renal dysfunction or aggravated an important incentive. So, how should we to treat renal insufficiency when the emergence of infection ?

Experts point out that renal insufficiency anti-infective treatment methods are:

1, symptomatic treatment, renal insufficiency occurs because the patient's kidney cells within the long-term function of ischemia, hypoxia, due to overload caused by damage, glomerular basement membrane filtration pore size increases, protein, Red blood cells and other substances from the urine leakage, the patient external manifestations of proteinuria, hematuria and other illnesses.

2, for complications such as edema, dyslipidemia and other treatment. For the treatment of symptoms, Western medicine in this area is quite its strengths, including hormones in the short term to alleviate renal dysfunction in patients with urine protein leakage, reduce the large number of proteinuria and hypoalbuminemia and other issues. The application of diuretics can quickly relieve symptoms of renal edema in patients with renal insufficiency.

However, prolonged use of hormones and other immunosuppressive agents are also prone to cause obesity, hirsutism, diabetes, high blood pressure, femoral head necrosis, liver damage and other serious complications and even life-threatening, renal insufficiency patients should be carefully chosen.

The above is about how to resist infection for renal insufficiency patient, if you have knowledge about kidney disease need to conduct a detailed understanding, you can consult our online experts, our experts will reply to you as soon as possible.