1.expert depth interpretation of the "three treatment and se

From the level of medical technology now to patients through one or two kinds of drug eradication nephropathy is very difficult, even if some urine is completely normal, but also can not be said to have been radical nephropathy, will not relapse after. I suggest that the treatment of kidney disease should take the "three treatment and seven nourishing" strategy.

At the same time to take reasonable drug treatment, we must attach importance to the positive role of non drug therapy, out of a large number of entangled tablets, bottles of medicine in out of fear and obedience, try non drug therapy. We believe that "three treatment and seven nourishing" is very important for patients with kidney disease.

Drugs play a role is limited, to fight a protracted war preparations, and mobilize all positive factors, can't be ignored, the psychological factors on the movement of renal outcome, diet plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of kidney diseases.