Coffee and chronic kidney disease

Kidney disease question: husband often have the habit of drinking coffee, but recently sick in the hospital when the doctor said to be suffering from chronic nephritis, so in daily life more attention to diet, see the husband in a cup of coffee today, that is not conducive to disease, so I want to ask a man of chronic nephritis can drink coffee?

Experts answer: coffee to eliminate drowsiness, promote brain activity, plays a positive role in improving memory, but also the food taboos and coffee notes, if there is a chronic nephritis, then drink coffee often lead to exacerbation or recurrence of the disease, so is to ban coffee for chronic nephritis patients. The main reason is because coffee can cause sleep in patients with chronic nephritis is not good, so is not conducive to the rehabilitation of chronic kidney disease, and if the condition is stable, but also should not drink coffee, a lot of chronic nephritis patients who relapse are more or less have the habit of drinking coffee, coffee is so must be prohibited.