Can coffee and tea really help prevent kidney cancer?

The cause of kidney cancer is still unclear. Data show that men who drink and smoke are more likely to have kidney cancer. But people who prefer coffee and tea have a much lower risk of developing kidney cancer. So, can coffee and tea really help prevent kidney cancer?

According to relevant data, to drink more water every day is of great benefit to the human body. Drink more than 3 cups of coffee every day and those who drank an average of less than one cup of coffee than people, the risk of renal cell carcinoma is 16% lower; high risk and those who do not drink tea every day to drink a cup of tea every day than people the risk of kidney cancer 15%. insulin levels may affect the risk of kidney cancer, while coffee and tea can increase the sensibility of insulin and the many benefits of improved renal function. At the same time, coffee and tea, also contain cancer cells from protecting the kidney damage of antioxidant compounds.

Experts pointed out that although in clinical trials has no way to prove that coffee and tea really can prevent kidney cancer, but some components of coffee and tea contain does enhance the sensitivity of insulin and improve the renal function is very good, the improvement of renal function may have a certain preventive effect on renal cell carcinoma. The antioxidant rich in coffee and tea, also can protect kidney cells from damage, which can reduce the renal cell production and development of malignant growth, inhibition of kidney disease is also helpful.

The above is related to explain about coffee and tea really can prevent kidney cancer, I hope we can bring help. Coffee and tea have enhanced the sensibility of insulin function, the human body is good, we can recommend the appropriate coffee tea usually.