Coffee Tea cause kidney disease

Coffee and tea is the drink of choice for many white-collar workers, for refreshing, refreshing, but also can prevent radiation, long-term excessive drinking, your kidney is not bear, too much pressure, the kidney will "strike", beware of nephropathy wrap the body.

1, excessive drinking coffee leads to kidney stones

Coffee has been shown to increase levels of calcium in people's urine, according to research abroad, which means an increased risk of kidney stones and osteoporosis

It is reported that calcium in urine is an important component of kidney stones and urinary calcium, more, more easy to form stones. So patients with kidney stones shall be less than 2 cups of coffee every day, every day is not more than 0.45 liters of coffee, and normal people should not more than 1 liters of coffee.

Because coffee can block the body's absorption of calcium, long-term drinking may cause osteoporosis. So people who drink coffee should drink at least 1 cups of milk a day or eat more calcium foods

2, long-term drinking strong tea, kidney damage

Tea containing high fluorine, the kidney is the main excretory organ of fluorine, when the body of excessive fluoride intake over the renal excretion ability, leading to accumulation of fluoride in the body, retention of excessive fluoride can cause kidney renal cortex and medullary tubular damage. Often drink tea can cause kidney damage.

There are people in love after drinking a cup of tea to drink, tea instead of wine. In fact, hangover, more renal injury. Compendium of Materia Medica said: "drink tea kidney injury. Because the caffeine in tea can quickly produce diuretic effect through the kidneys, this will make early acetaldehyde oxidation has not been entered kidney. Acetaldehyde has strong toxicity to the kidneys, can damage the glomerular and renal tubular cells, which brings some harm to kidney function. So the wine should eat more fruit. For hangover hangover, can eat citrus, pear, apple like fruit, there are Watermelon Juice better, can also drink some soup.