Coffee and stage 3 kidney disease

Coffee not only contains vitamins and minerals, there are a lot of anti-aging effects of natural antioxidants. Coffee against aging women are of great help. However, for stage 3 renal disease, in the daily life should not drink coffee. Due to moderate renal damage, patients with Stage 3 Kidney Disease are usually required to eat correct foods and drink right beverages. Can stage 3 renal disease patient drink decaf coffee?

Actually, stage 3 renal disease should try to keep away from decaf coffee. The specific reasons will be listed below.

1. Induce bone problems

Increased metabolic acidity related with drinking decaffeinated coffee interferes with healthy bone density. Excessive acidity has been associated with negative calcium balance and increased excretion of calcium. Metabolic acidity will alter bone cell function, increasing osteoclastic bone reabsorption and decreasing osteoblastic bone formation. Calcium is not only essential for preventing osteoporosis and maintaining adequate bone density, but adequate calcium is crucial for a healthy heart and nervous system. Kidney failure patients usually have bone problems, like bone pain, bone fracture and osteoporosis. In this regard, stage 3 kidney disease patients should not drink decaf coffee.

2. Worsen high blood pressure

High blood pressure is one leading cause of kidney disease. Drinking a large amount of decaf coffee will increase the risk of high blood pressure. It also can worsen illness condition if you have had high blood pressure.

3. Increase risks of cardiovascular disease

Stage 3 kidney disease patients should try to keep their heart health. Decaf coffee raises LDL cholesterol level, which can increase risk of getting heart attack.

In addition, having much decaf coffee also can produce adverse metabolic effects, increase plasma homocysteine levels, anemia and so on. From these points, stage 3 kidney disease patients should drink alternative drinks to decaf coffee.