Coffee Tea Kidney Disease

Many kidney disease patients ask: for health, wine also drink less; drink is not good for the body, also rarely drink. Can only drink white water? Like coffee and green tea, these two relatively healthy drinks, can drink?

In a word: neither encouragement nor opposition

Tea and coffee are the most consumed and exciting drinks in the world, and they contain a certain amount of caffeine

Like Europeans, Americans like to drink coffee. We Chinese like to drink tea

Active ingredients of coffee and tea in addition to caffeine, other ingredients, such as antioxidants also contain polyphenols, catechins, flavonoids, these components may have certain effects on the body, the advantages and disadvantages are also aspects.

The tea is consumed in moderation, may have the following benefits (please note that is possible, not altogether sure): can reduce Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, alcoholic cirrhosis, gout, type 2 diabetes, and life expectancy. Because most of these studies were observed in nature, it is difficult to exclude confounding a variety of other factors, such as genetic background, other personal habits, therefore, it is difficult to make a very good positive reply.

The negative side is that if the coffee and tea addiction, drink too much, you may experience a headache, anxiety, insomnia, heart palpitations symptoms, especially in susceptible inpiduals, can induce arrhythmia, acute cardiovascular events. Because, moderate drinking may be good for the body, drink too much and may be bad, so we recommend, that neither encourage nor oppose, generally speaking, if you love to drink, drink can. If you do not love, not necessarily because of health advocate circle of friends, forced himself to drink.

Does the tea party have any effect on the efficacy?

Because tea and coffee have a lot of active ingredients, so many kidney disease patients care about tea and coffee may affect what drugs. If you are using the following drugs, not suitable for drinking:

Is the use of iron anemia: a representative drug commonly used such as iron, ferrous succinate, the tannic acid in tea can affect the absorption of iron, iron is the raw material of human blood, anemia, is the use of iron, do not drink tea.

Antibiotics are being used, sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate), Pan Shengding, Chinese medicine: tea and they may react with each other, do not drink tea when taking these drugs

Antihypertensive drugs in patients with nephropathy often eat (such as Losartan), hormones (such as prednisone), immunosuppressive agents (such as cyclosporine, tacrolimus), there is no evidence that tea and coffee will affect their absorption, that is to eat these drugs, can drink.

How much do you drink?

We present evidence that adult day 400mg caffeine is relatively safe. A cup of 235ml coffee, the caffeine in 102-200mg between 235ml, a cup of tea, caffeine in 40-120mg. We usually drink coffee is not normal, addiction, nor is it a lot of tea, can achieve the basic requirements of safety. Special note: Nephropathy edema patients need to limit water intake.

What about kidney disease patients with renal failure and renal failure?

A cup of tea in the potassium, sodium, phosphorus is relatively small, renal insufficiency, renal failure in patients with nephropathy can amount to tea. Because of renal failure in patients with nephropathy may be associated with high blood potassium, blood phosphorus high, while potassium and phosphorus are coffee slightly higher, so this part of patients drink kidney disease of coffee.

Remind the majority of patients with kidney disease friends: the best choice after suffering from kidney disease is the first time to the regular hospital for treatment, so as not to delay the disease