Coffee Enema And Kidney Disease

As the weather turns hot, many people are fond of drinks. However, the latest research has found that drinking too much caffeinated beverages is susceptible to kidney stones, and experts have given us a scientific explanation of the problem

People are drinking too much caffeine after they pee in the calcium content increased greatly, making them more prone to stones. Calcium is the main component of calculus, if taking caffeine more chances of kidney stones is greater. Through investigation and verification, results show that tea and other drinks most of the patients, tend to drink caffeinated beverages.

In the study, experts said the levels of calcium, sodium, magnesium and citrate were increased in the urine samples of people who liked coffee drinks

Magnesium and citrate in the body may have helped prevent the formation of kidney stones, but the risk of developing stones increased after drinking caffeinated beverages

Experts call attention to kidney health drink, daily life some caffeine rich drinks, drink some water, increase the metabolic function of the kidney, prevent the formation of kidney stones. If there is any abnormal signs, such as long-term pain, fatigue and other symptoms, to the local hospital to check kidney, prevent further deterioration, give yourself the inconvenience of life.