Air pollution and kidney disease

Air pollution may cause respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Air pollution can also cause kidney damage, according to a new study. The findings in the journal of the association for nephrology (JASN) call for concern about the role of air pollution in urban areas in the development of kidney disease and development.

Air pollution has become a serious problem in many cities in China, but its impact on personal health is unclear. In order to explore the influence of air pollution on people kidney health, southern medical university of Fan Fan, Hou Xin Xu experts such as analysis of the 71151 renal biopsies in China for 11 years, samples from 938 hospitals in 282 cities, including all age groups.

Overall, the incidence of membranous nephropathy increased by 13 percent annually, and membranous nephropathy was an immunological kidney disease. The incidence of other types of kidney disease remained stable. The higher the level of fine particles in the air pollution area, the higher the incidence of membranous nephropathy.

Experts say the frequency of membranous nephropathy has doubled in China over the past decade. Our research shows that particulate air pollution is associated with this.