Why old sleep apnea can cause memory decline, often suppress

Over and over again in sleep apnea patients with sleep apnea, low ventilation, snoring at high and low, airway obstruction, recurrent pleural cavity pressure at night, carbon dioxide retention, acidosis and hypoxemia, make the night wake up again and again. Apnea often suppress wake up for a long time, suppress heart palpitate, season after wake up, breath, and so on. Frequent awakening, the structure of the sleep disorders in patients with brain and the body can not get enough rest, in a state of fatigue, difficulty concentrating, since morning I have a headache, dizziness, fatigue weakness, memory decline phenomenon.

Often suppress wake at night, even some patients during sleep sitting up suddenly, with fragmented sleep, sleep quality, daytime sleepiness, mental symptoms, memory, attention, computing power, alertness, judgment and abstract thinking ability were significantly decreased.

Sleep snoring, cause suffocation, lack of oxygen, carbon dioxide in the blood increases, lead to renal tubular and glomerular dysfunction, renal tubular concentration and dilution function and regulate water electrolyte disorders, filtration of the original more than normal amount of urine, renal tubular failed to absorb, can appear nocturia increased.