/Why do nursing care plan for chronic kidney disease

Why do nursing care plan for chronic kidney disease

author:admin       pubdate:2017-09-09 11:47

In life there are many people who suffer from chronic nephritis will appear after treatment for long time and get good curative effect, the reason for this is because patients do not attach importance to an important role of self nursing in the treatment process, so it is not up to consolidate the treatment effect.

First, patients usually must pay attention to regular monitoring of their urine, the timely detection of the disease is very important. At the same time patients to maintain regular lifestyle, without symptoms, only a small amount of urine protein, red blood cells, but no obvious renal damage, normal activities. But we should pay attention to avoid overwork to prevent the infection. When hematuria, acute exacerbation of hypertension, edema, should rest in bed.

The patient must play an active role in the daily diet health care benefits, the kidney damage caused by chronic nephritis to health as soon as possible to eliminate the great effect. But not blind, but also according to different types of Chronic Glomerulonephritis Treated with different diet. If edema, elevated blood pressure, should limit salt intake. Proteinuria however, normal renal function, should be given a high protein diet. Significant renal damage, with azotemia, according to the condition of given amount of high biological value protein diet, such as egg, milk, lean meat and ensure adequate heat.

The patient's family will often persuade patients with chronic nephritis, avoid the negative mood. You know a healthy mental state has played an important role in the cure of chronic nephritis patients. So patients usually must pay attention to regulate their emotions, to avoid anxiety, guilt, shame, interference of bad mood, cause persistent disease is difficult to cure.



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