/Nursing care plan about chronic kidney disease

Nursing care plan about chronic kidney disease

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Chronic nephritis is not an independent disease, but any primary or secondary glomerulonephritis in the stage of progress into the stage before the end stage of renal failure, at this time different types of glomerulonephritis pathology and clinical manifestations are consistent, there is proteinuria Hematuria, edema, hypertension, kidney shrinkage, renal dysfunction, renal damage was irreversible, all end-stage renal failure cases, about 60% caused by chronic glomerulonephritis.

Chronic nephritis with the tendency of progressive development, natural course of change is very large, a considerable part of the patient's condition for many years to maintain a stable state, a very small number of self-mitigation. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, such as continuous high blood pressure, repeated infection, persistent nitroglycerin is often died within a few years. Maintenance is good or bad and extended life, so do personal maintenance to prevent deterioration of renal function is very important.

Chronic nephritis maintenance of the key aspects of the following:

(1) active treatment of chronic infection lesions, especially chronic tonsillitis, otitis media, sinusitis, dental caries, etc., if necessary, the eradication of infection lesions.

(2) the prevention of streptococcal infection, such as upper respiratory tract infection, scarlet fever, chronic pharyngitis, pyoderma and so on. In the event of these diseases, to check the urine, to understand whether the increase in symptoms of nephritis, so early detection, early treatment, close follow-up.

(3) to avoid the application of drugs that damage the kidneys, such as sulfonamides, aminoglycosides and so on. No matter what disease, every time to tell the doctor, in the past a history of nephritis, draw the doctor medication attention.

(4) to avoid cold by the wet: cold can cause renal artery spasm, increased renal ischemia, affecting the recovery of nephritis. Humidity is conducive to hemolytic streptococcus growth and reproduction, easy to infection. So as far as possible to do indoor warm, sunny, air circulation. Dress properly, to avoid being wet.

(5) to strengthen the system exercise, strengthen the system. Pay attention to health, keep the skin clean. Work and rest, to comply with a reasonable life system.

(6) limit the intake of sodium, nutrition is reasonable, do not intake too much meat dishes, mainly light vegetables. Prevent diarrhea, vomiting and the application of excessive diuretics and electrolyte confused.

Above is the introduction of chronic nephritis care measures, I hope to help you. How is chronic nephritis treated? What are the symptoms of chronic nephritis? And other related questions, you can consult the site experts.


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