/nursing management for chronic kidney disease

nursing management for chronic kidney disease

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For the treatment of chronic nephritis, in addition to professional treatment of chronic nephritis, but also the daily nursing work, so as to have a better recovery effect. In order to make the patients get rid of diseases, the following for you to introduce the daily nursing of patients with chronic nephritis.

For the daily care of chronic nephritis, the experts of Phoenix Chinese medicine believe that should start from the following points:

First, chronic nephritis patients should work and rest

In daily work, whether physical or mental work, nephritis patients should not excessive fatigue, should be added to rest, otherwise it will increase metabolism is not normal, but also increase the burden of kidney function, and even damage the kidneys

Second, patients are forbidden to take anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs privately

For example, cold remedies and antibiotics must be administered under the guidance of the relevant physician prior to the use of anti-inflammatory analgesics, because improper use of these drugs directly affects renal function and leads to abnormal renal function

Third, patients with friends should pay attention to emotional adjustment

Experts tell patients with chronic nephritis, must establish the confidence to fight with the disease, because of chronic nephritis disease slow stretches, so to maintain the confidence and determination of treatment; moreover, grumpy, worries will cause liver damage, secretion system chaotic disorder, and direct injury of renal function.

Fourth, patients should be on the kidney diet attention

Unreasonable diet are more likely to aggravate the disease burden of patients with chronic nephritis kidney, cause further damage of renal function, leading to disease worsening progress. According to the characteristics of chronic nephritis, patients should be reasonable with diet.

Fifth, husband and wife life should be regular

For husband and wife life, for chronic nephritis patients should not over frequency, generally speaking, a month may not exceed two times, if more than it easily lead to disease recurrence and deterioration

The above is the daily nursing of patients with chronic nephritis, we already know it. Experts advise patients must not because of the disease and styled, listen to the small ads flicker, must the regular hospital for treatment of kidney disease, so as to avoid more serious consequences.



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