/Nursing care plan for patient with chronic kidney disease

Nursing care plan for patient with chronic kidney disease

author:admin       pubdate:2017-09-04 10:38

Patients with chronic nephritis in daily life care? Chronic nephritis is one of the common diseases, many people think that the nephritis is renal failure, resulting in self psychology. With chronic nephritis patients in drug treatment at the same time, but also pay attention to the daily maintenance. So, what are the considerations for chronic nephritis? Please experts to make a detailed introduce for you.

How should the daily life of chronic nephritis patients care? What are the notes of chronic nephritis:

1, the prohibition of alcohol drinking alcohol in fusel oil and nitrite can cause kidney limb tissue degeneration and cancer, so kidney patients should avoid alcohol, liver and kidney damage.

2, prohibit smoking: what are the notes of patients with chronic nephritis, tobacco contains a variety of harmful substances, can damage liver and kidney function, inhibit kidney unit repair, therefore, patients with kidney disease must be determined to quit smoking

3, no irritation: Traditional Chinese medicine for the whole liver injury, liver qi stagnation does not lead to extension, detoxification, detoxification function into the kidney, increasing the burden on the kidneys, prone to indigestion, so angry as the enemy of nephropathy.

4, pay attention to rest: what are the notes of patients with chronic nephritis, the kidney is an important metabolic organ for the human body, kidney disease, kidney dysfunction, malnutrition, fatigue, and need more rest

5, to maintain good taste: nephritis patients prone to pessimism, nephritis, uremia, once lost confidence in treatment, the disease is more difficult to control, so the patient should be optimistic, open-minded, and enhance confidence

6, can not be anxious: nephropathy (especially in patients with uremia) Jiuzhibuyu, often make people anxious, the cerebral cortex of high tension, on nephropathy (especially women) rehabilitation is extremely unfavorable.



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