/Daily nursing care for chronic kidney disease

Daily nursing care for chronic kidney disease

author:admin       pubdate:2017-09-04 10:11

Kidney disease experts tell us that patients with chronic kidney disease in daily life there are many things that can't be done if the patient friend insisted on doing it, just hurt yourself, cause a hair get out of hand. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the friends of patients with chronic nephritis daily nursing care instructions, so as to better myself.

1, for chronic nephritis patients, should try to avoid drugs that damage the kidney. No matter what disease, every time to tell the doctor in the past has a history of kidney disease, drew attention. To strengthen the system of doctor training, enhance system. Pay attention to health, to keep the skin clean. The rest, comply with the reasonable system of life.

2, limiting sodium intake, daily nursing points of chronic kidney disease. Moreover, more reasonable nutrition, do not eat too much meat, with delicate vegetables. To prevent diarrhea, vomiting and excessive application of diuretics to Liaoluan electrolyte.

3, actively cure chronic infections disease, is very important for patients with chronic nephritis. Friends especially chronic diseases, necessary surgery to eradicate the infection foci. So as not to aggravate the disease, damage to physical and mental health of patients.

4, avoid cold wet, it is necessary to daily care on chronic nephritis. Cold can cause renal artery spasm, increase the renal ischemia, effect of nephritis recovery. Damp is conducive to streptococcal infection. So it is easy to grow and reproduce, as far as possible to the indoor warm, sunny, airiness. Pay attention to weather changes, to dress properly or avoid being wet.

The above is to tell you: the daily nursing care for chronic nkidney disease, these contents are very useful to everyone, because it is only about patients with chronic kidney diseasecan do things in life, but also clearly introduces some things we need to do, so that we can better the nursing work, we will not doubt.



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