/Is chronic nephritis bound to develop into renal failure and

Is chronic nephritis bound to develop into renal failure and

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Chronic nephritis will develop into renal failure and uremia, as long as these three points do, it will not!

In daily life, we have many ways to delay chronic nephritis and kidney damage

Daily life

1. the incidence of 1~2 weeks regardless of severity should rest in bed, to improve renal blood flow, reduce complications, to edema, blood pressure is normal, stable condition after appropriate to participate in sports activities, such as walking, Tai Chi, do not be too tired, rest regularly, maintain adequate sleep.

2. chronic nephritis patients with poor resistance, susceptible to infection, so pay attention to keep warm and damp, try to avoid going to public places

3. pay attention to oral hygiene, avoid the occurrence of stomatitis.

4. patients to keep the skin clean, the room should be quiet, clean, appropriate light, should keep the sheets smooth, dry, soft and comfortable. One of the important contents of delaying the progress of chronic nephritis renal damage treatment diet, principle of high quality protein (to avoid the large amount of protein intake), Gao Weisheng (vitamin A excepted), low phosphorus, low fat and easy food intake and digestion, according to the condition, all kinds of fasting spicy food;

Patients with high blood pressure, edema, ascites, or heart failure should limit their intake of salt, abstain from the special taste of pickled and pickled vegetables, and drink less water. The daily intake of fluids in the body is usually equal to 500 ml of urine the day before

In peacetime, should keep in mind the cold, which is particularly important for patients with kidney disease, but also a wide variety of cold medicine, contains a certain difference in ingredients, should be under the guidance of medical treatment, can not afford to buy cold medicine

Psychological nursing care of patients with chronic nephritis long duration, delayed healing, patients prone to pessimism, the families of patients to do mental work, mobilize the initiative of patients, encourage patients to establish the confidence to overcome the disease, maintain good mood, avoid stimulating all the negative factors.



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