/Chronic nephritis pregnancy should pay attention to, pregnan

Chronic nephritis pregnancy should pay attention to, pregnan

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Chronic nephritis patients need to measure all aspects of pregnancy and advantages and disadvantages, and bear many risks, then prepared pregnancy, chronic nephritis, pregnancy should pay attention to what? How about chronic nephritis in pregnant women?
Conditions for pregnancy in chronic nephritis

Generally speaking, if the chronic nephritis patient condition is stable, the blood pressure is normal, the kidney function is normal, the urine protein control situation is better, pathological type is lighter, is may consider the pregnancy, the specific situation asks the related specialized doctor

Patients with chronic nephritis pregnancy risk is big, may aggravate the damage of kidney and cause renal insufficiency, make the condition worse. To pregnant women must weigh the pros and cons, and then make a decision. If the decision is pregnant, please pay attention to the following factors:

Full psychological preparation

Patients must be fully aware of the condition of chronic nephritis, and can understand the problems that may arise after pregnancy, emotional stability, prevention of excessive pregnancy, the initiative to cooperate with the doctor to monitor the disease, disease prevention in the bud

Routine diagnosis and treatment

Chronic nephritis patients generally after pregnancy should be every 2 weeks for a diagnosis, after 3 weeks each week, monitoring content includes: urine routine, urine protein, urine, blood pressure, renal function and fetal condition such as proteinuria and increases, or have high blood pressure, should rest in bed after the review; if not with elevated blood pressure with the increase of urinary protein, not the termination of pregnancy indications. If renal function decline should be timely for reversible factors such as cold, urinary tract infection, dehydration and electrolyte disorder. If there is hidden a sharp decline in renal function, blood pressure is difficult to control, proteinuria does not decrease or even increase etc. the situation, must make a prompt decision, balance, termination of pregnancy choice under the doctor's advice.

Prevent infection

The incidence and recurrence of chronic nephritis, and cold, wet and upper respiratory tract infection are closely related, so pregnant patients with chronic nephritis, to keep abreast of changes in weather and time, increase clothing, keep indoor dry and warm, prevent colds, much sunbathing, keep the vagina clean, avoid sexual life, prevention of urinary tract infection.


Patients with chronic nephritis after pregnancy should pay attention to the reasonable nutrition and health food, rich in dietary vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C food, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat more iron rich foods, such as liver, egg, red dates, black fungus and green leafy vegetables, prevention of iron deficiency anemia, also want to pay attention to supplementation of folic acid and vitamin B12. Pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue.



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