/Korean patients with chronic kidney disease 5 years increase

Korean patients with chronic kidney disease 5 years increase

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What is chronic nephritis, chronic nephritis and acute nephritis what is the difference between them? What are the early symptoms of chronic nephritis? Understanding the early symptoms of chronic nephritis plays a very important role in the timely and effective treatment

South Korea every 7 people have 1 people suffering from chronic kidney disease, the survival rate even more than a part of cancer patients is also low, social investment funds reached 5 trillion and 200 billion won. Kidney disease as for the body to rid the body of waste of life "filter", but did not get the heart, liver and lung equal treatment. In recent 5 years patients with chronic kidney disease, South Korea increased by 66%.

"The kidney is not fatal," "kidney problems, remove side of the kidney can not do", many people recognize the existence of such errors in nephropathy. Therefore, disease management of the Department and the Korean Society of nephrology in the fourth week of October for chronic kidney disease and this week, the period held "Happy Kidney" activities. To show that healthy kidney can guarantee a happy life. During the event, the organizers will also promote chronic kidney damage and kidney of the importance of health.

Ignoring hypertension and hyperglycemia is diagnosed as the 4 stage of chronic kidney disease

The kidneys were less than 30%. in career, did not think of this illness. "If continue to deteriorate, we should consider to do dialysis. Not breast-feeding, feel sorry for my children." "to exercise every day, to limit the intake of sodium, potassium and protein, dietary life control is also stricter than diabetic patients. No early management now too late for regrets, good health before the illness"

This is a party with friends of kidney patients to share the disease log content. Workers Jingxun gold (a pseudonym, transliteration, 41) is one member of the family, very regret had kidney health disregard.6 years ago, Kim passed a health examination from the blood glucose and blood pressure the index has high. But at that time, Kim did not cause attention. In August last year, Kim in the way of work fainted and was rushed to the emergency center, after being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease 4, after renal function has been decreased to less than 20%. of normal discharge, although always adhere to drug treatment, the condition is deteriorating. In September last year, Kim was diagnosed as renal dysfunction (CKD stage 5), began to receive dialysis. Kim lifetime to rely on dialysis to sustain life without kidney. Responsible for diagnosis and treatment of Kim's Bundang Hospital of Seoul Rocky English (transliteration, Korean kidney "Hypertension, diabetes mellitus (hyperglycemia) is a major sign of chronic kidney disease," says Professor of the society for physical education advocacy. "If you miss an early treatment, you can't prevent the progression of the disease by relying on medication."

The mortality rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases increased by 10 times in patients with chronic kidney disease

Kidney like lentils, the color is like red beans, such as the size of a fist, because we can clear the body of waste, has been likened to the body's "cleaner". The kidneys to remove the body of waste and water, regulating blood pressure, help the body produce red blood cells. While chronic kidney disease refers to the renal function continued for more than three months of decline state. According to the degree of renal damage or dysfunction, the disease is pided into 1~5 phase.

5 kidney patients need organ transplantation or life rely on blood, peritoneal dialysis for kidney function decline. This is because the kidney damage can not be recovered once. That is to say 5 patients could not be recovered to 2,3 period. Professor Luo Jiying said "the last 10 years, dialysis or kidney transplantation patients nearly 2 times." "on dialysis treatment can bring obstacles to social life, affecting the quality of life." chronic kidney disease "early detection" is not easy, because there is no obvious symptoms, patients are difficult to detect. Department of Nephrology Seoul hospital doctor Wu Guo Hwan (transliteration) said "many times in patients body swelling or vomiting after the hospital, was diagnosed as chronic kidney disease 4 period" "in fact, there is a correct understanding of their own physical symptoms in patients with chronic kidney disease by 10%"

Because of not being valued, chronic kidney disease than even some cancer is deadly. According to 2013 statistics, chronic kidney disease mortality is higher than breast cancer and uterine cancer. Department of Nephrology Chonnam hospital Jinxiu (transliteration) professor said "according to the survey that the Korean Society of Nephrology and hemodialysis patients for 5 years the survival rate was 66%, with diabetes renal dysfunction in patients with 5 year survival rate was 39.9%, the survival rate of cancer and almost (the average survival rate in cancer patients was 61.4%). This is because chronic kidney disease can cause complications, body weakness, kidney problems, cardiovascular will inevitably be effect. This is because the sodium and water from the body is not normal, leading to high blood pressure, the body of waste accumulation. Professor Jin also said:" the probability of death in patients with chronic kidney disease due to cardiovascular diseases than ordinary people "In fact, the main causes of death in dialysis patients are heart disease (35%) and cardiovascular disorders (12%)," 10~30 times higher"



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