/Life notes needed for patients with chronic kidney disease

Life notes needed for patients with chronic kidney disease

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The rising incidence of chronic kidney disease in China, the prevalence of chronic kidney disease was 10.8% (about 120 million), nearly 1 million of patients with renal failure and chronic kidney disease younger, our chronic kidney disease morbidity and mortality has increased year by year. In high incidence in many patients blind pursuit of medical diagnosis treatment the drug, in fact for patients with chronic kidney disease in terms of life is the best condition of "conditioning". The life of patients with chronic nephritis in need of some common sense know as follows:

The combination of labor and rest pays attention to rest

Once diagnosed as chronic nephritis, in the early stage, regardless of the severity of symptoms, should rest mainly active treatment, regular follow-up observation. A law of life, avoid excessive overworked, slow down the fast pace of life, in order to maintain good health. Overwork will make the body immune function, easily infected. The prevention of respiratory tract and urinary tract infection. The activity should slowly increase gradually, to promote the recovery of physical strength. Where the presence of hematuria, proteinuria, edema and hypertension, or renal dysfunction patients, all should rest in bed and active treatment.

Pay attention to cleanliness

Wash bath Huanyi, nails, trim the hair, keep the skin clean. The skin sweat soaking, the most easily lead to bacterial and fungal infections, causing folliculitis, impetigo, body moss, proper cleaning, cleaning is very important, but the action should be gentle, to prevent skin damage. Chronic nephritis or severe edema with exogenous fever. Should not take a bath; renal hypertension, pressure of 180 mm Hg, it should not take a shower, so as to avoid accidents.

Be careful of drugs and kidney damage

Is the three drug. Love your kidneys, not just medication. About 90% of the drug must be excreted through the kidneys, so as not to damage it. Many drugs are harmful to human body, especially the human kidney, so for patients, when eating drugs should be paid special attention. Such as aminoglycoside antibiotic, anti tuberculosis drugs in Li Fuping, doxorubicin, 5-fluorouracil, antipyretic and analgesic agent. In large doses due to other diseases doctor when consumers that their condition, at the same time before taking detailed reading instructions.

Keep the tube shut up the kidney.

Try to eat less fat objects. Folk refers to volatiles such as seafood, lamb, beef, shrimp, crab and PigHead meat, xuelihong, leek etc., which may induce excitation, and kidney disease is a kind of allergic disease, and should not eat protein, so the volatiles in principle should eat or not eat. In addition, nephritis associated with upper respiratory tract infection, diet is mainly to light, must eat less cold and sour food, so as not to affect the distribution of pathogenic heat; if the clothes sweating drugs, more attention should be paid to this. At the same time, the diet should be reasonable and scientific, under the condition to make reasonable diet guidance on the package in the dietitian the better.

Reminder: the above said common concrete, patients should follow the doctor's advice, it must progress and everyone's condition is different, in fact, I said before a lot of nephropathy with diet, diet for patients with chronic kidney disease is really important, diet, attention to good, has great significance for disease and help the treatment and prognosis.



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