/The mortality of chronic kidney disease is increasing in Chi

The mortality of chronic kidney disease is increasing in Chi

author:admin       pubdate:2017-08-08 14:40

It is understood that the mortality of chronic kidney disease in China showed an increasing trend. In daily life, more and more patients with chronic kidney disease, according to the relevant data show that among the cause of death by disease, chronic kidney disease, the mortality rate increased gradually. Research shows that chronic kidney disease, Alzheimer's disease and lung cancer mortality increased significantly. So, in daily life we should how to prevent the occurrence of chronic kidney disease?

1. balanced diet. A large number of animal and vegetable proteins, the final metabolites, uric acid and urea nitrogen, etc., should be ruled out by the kidneys, so binge drinking and overeating will increase the burden on the kidneys, reducing the burden on the kidneys through balanced diet

2. appropriate more water, not water. The urine in the bladder for too long it is easy to breed bacteria, bacterial infection is likely through the ureter to the kidney, drinking enough water every day to urinate, kidney is not easy to be infected, not easy to form stones.

3., plan to maintain daily physical activity and physical exercise, control weight, avoid colds, quit smoking and limit alcohol

4. avoid abuse of drugs, many drugs, chemical poisons can lead to kidney damage

5. women are pregnant before the best check for kidney disease and renal function, if there is a considerable degree of kidney disease (sometimes do not know), and to discuss the possibility of pregnancy. Kidney specialist or blind pregnancy, kidney disease may soon cause deterioration of kidney function is not complete.

6. regular examination of urine routine and renal function every year, and also renal B ultrasonic examination at the same time, to understand the family history of the disease, so as to find early treatment of kidney disease and early treatment

7., the high-risk groups, that is, suffering from kidney damage may cause diseases (such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.) crowd timely and effective treatment, to prevent the occurrence of chronic kidney disease

The influence of disease on the patient's body is large, in today's society, more and more diseases threaten our health. So, for their own health, in order not to suffer from chronic kidney disease, we must learn the method of prevention of chronic kidney disease, chronic kidney disease from for health threats.



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