/Mortality of chronic kidney disease rises in China

Mortality of chronic kidney disease rises in China

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"The lancet magazine recently published the latest research report <1990 -2013 (the 240 cause of death based on global, regional and national) - gender and age specific death cause specific mortality: an analysis of the study by the University of Washington. The health index and evaluation system in 2013 the global burden of disease study (IHME) LED, including Chinese worldwide, more than 700 researchers in 188 countries, according to the specific population death data for statistical analysis, focusing on the challenges facing the health China.

Life expectancy is significantly longer in China

Research shows that, compared with 1990, the life expectancy of China men and women are increased, the average growth for 8.6 years. This growth far exceeded the global average, and in various regions of the world life expectancy ranked in the top 25.

In 2013, China men extend the average life expectancy of 66 years from 1990 to 73.5 years of age, women's average life expectancy from 70.2 years to 80. 188 countries or regions covered in the study, the life expectancy of Chinese women ranked 51, male life expectancy ranking 59.

From a global perspective, the average life expectancy of 6.2 years longer than 1990, life expectancy in 2013 to nearly 72 years old. To extend the life expectancy of women (6.6 years old) was slightly higher than that of male (5.8 years old).2013 years, female life expectancy of Andorra was the longest (86.7 years old), male life expectancy of Qatar's longest (81.2 years old).

Experts pointed out that, to improve health, reduce fertility and shift in the global age mode, promote the global life expectancy prolonged growth. China's average life expectancy, and the government to increase the medical care investment, closely related to establish universal health care system and other initiatives.

Experts point out that the gap between the health levels of different countries is widening, and the average life expectancy of very few developing countries is far lower than that of other countries, while the vast majority of China's indicators tend to be developed countries

Chronic kidney disease, Alzheimer's disease

And lung cancer mortality increased substantially

The study pointed out that the road injury and stroke is caused by China's 15 year old to death 49 year olds two main reasons, in 2013 267 thousand people were killed in 2013. People aged 70 and above, and strokes caused by 1 million 110 thousand men, 810 thousand women died, become the main cause of death.

According to experts, the research group using data who member states reported large and related survey data, to estimate the global burden of disease by using the complex model. The study results suggest that, during the past 23 years, with the population aging process accelerated and the number of motor vehicles increases rapidly, the spectrum changed obviously China disease in 1990 and died. Compared to 2013, China chronic kidney disease and Alzheimer's disease mortality rose respectively 147% and 121%; lung cancer mortality increased by 103%.

Experts said, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, malignant tumor and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is currently a threat to human life and health of the four major diseases. These four kinds of disease risk factors, including unreasonable diet, lack of exercise, psychological stress, smoking, drinking and so on. To strengthen health education, to carry out national health lifestyle intervention and guidance, treatment and management of scientific and standard for patients with chronic disease, can effectively slow the disease or death. In our country, chronic disease control, especially to promote the implementation of the establishment of relevant policies in the legal level, such as smoking in public places, constrained use of salt.

Premature complications and pneumonia

The death toll has declined markedly

Research shows that since 1990, many in China has caused a lot of death by disease, mortality rates were significantly decreased.1990 during 2006 to 2013, China reduced the mortality of preterm birth complications of 87% deaths caused by pneumonia decreased by 56%. in 1990, the two diseases have killed 755 thousand people; 23 years later, the number of the death of them resulted in a 507 thousand reduction.

Globally, deaths from measles and diarrhoeal diseases were significantly lower, and the mortality rates of these two diseases in 2013 were 83% and 51%. lower than in 1990, respectively

It is worth noting that the mortality trends of AIDS and malaria and other diseases. Different from the two kinds of disease deaths worldwide reached the highest in 2005. Compared with 2005, the number of deaths in 2013, the two diseases were reduced by 22% and 30%. Chinese malaria mortality reached the highest in 1983, killing 1212 people, but in 2013 the number has been reduced by 88%. Hu Guoqing said, the data show that since 1990, the government China in disease control work with remarkable results.

The researchers of all diseases are pided into three categories: infectious diseases, neonatal diseases, women's diseases; chronic non communicable diseases; damage, including accidents, falls, drowning, burns, unintentional poisoning, Dutch act, violence. Chinese from different age groups and disease death in 2013 distribution, the cause of death in different age the composition varies greatly.

Data show that at the age of 5 ~ 14 years old group, in 2013 the number of deaths caused by the damage of the age of all deaths in 56.7%, at the age of 15 to 49 year old age group accounted for 34.4%, children under 5 years old group accounted for 19.6%. Hu Guoqing pointed out, the results suggested that relevant departments should attach importance to the injury prevention work, take measures as soon as possible. At present, government departments prevention of harm into, is far behind of the infectious disease and chronic non communicable disease prevention and control input.




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