/chronic kidney disease stage 4 exercise plan

chronic kidney disease stage 4 exercise plan

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1 benefits of exercise in patients with chronic kidney disease stage 4

1. improve body function and have a good mood

2. help control blood pressure and blood sugar

3. strengthen bones and increase muscle strength

4. reduce cholesterol and triglycerides

5. improve sleep quality

6. maintain proper weight

2 basic principles of movement

1. progressive load principle:

Begin to exercise, strength or speed must lightly, then slowly increased to the ideal physical, do not start that is engaged in too intense movement.

2., continue to plateau:

Exercise is the result of long-term repetition. If you want to improve your heart and lung endurance, you need regular exercise

3. moderate exercise intensity for plateau:

When you exercise, you can chat with others, which means moderate exercise intensity. If you can't move (or have difficulty) talking with others, it means that the exercise is too intense, and you should slow down

3 sports notes

[before exercise]

1, to understand their physique, choose the right exercise, do not do too much strenuous exercise"

2, avoid fasting exercise, in order to avoid exhaustion; do not eat too much, cause indigestion.

3, wear comfortable, sweat absorbent cotton sportswear and socks

4, wear appropriate size, slippery, soft and lightweight shoes, reduce accidents

5, pay attention to changes in the weather, windy, heavy rain, or too cold, too hot, should avoid outdoor activities, so as not to catch cold or heat stroke

6, should do sufficient warm-up before exercise, can reduce the chance of injury.

7, patients with chronic disease, before starting the exercise program, should seek medical advice.

8, if you have a fever, chest pain, pain, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, blood pressure instability, diabetes, poor control, and so on, do not do exercise


1, do exercise, according to, step by step.

2, engage in more than 30 minutes of exercise, should be appropriate to add water, and should have proper rest

3, exercise, such as dizziness, feel the breath, feel obvious heartbeat, sweating, pale, nausea, chest tightness, chest pain, fatigue and so on, should immediately stop and rest, should be required to be treated as soon as possible.

4, with family or friends can exercise together, together, not only increase the fun, but also to encourage and care for each other

[after exercise]

1, if you feel thirsty, you should add some water

2, after exercise, should do relaxation stretching movement, in order to relieve tense muscles, make the body gradually return to the static state

4 duration of exercise

Start with 20 minutes, then gradually increase, each exercise should be asked to continue for at least 30 minutes, should not exceed 60 minutes

5 movement frequency

Start at least three days a week, the interval should not exceed two days, after which it is best to implement every day, perseverance


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