/Chronic kidney disease stage 4 nursing care plan common sens

Chronic kidney disease stage 4 nursing care plan common sens

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As an important human renal excretory organ, like a building sewer, a lot of garbage produced by the body are to be excreted through the kidneys. In case of kidney disease, must be scientific and standardized nursing care under the guidance of a doctor. In real life, we need to pay attention to what common sense?
Chronic kidney disease stage 4 nursing care plan common sense:
One drug.

The kidney is an important organ of drug excretion, due to kidney damage caused by drugs is increasing, mainly for renal toxicity and allergic reaction. According to statistics, patients with renal failure and application of nephrotoxic drugs about 25%, so the understanding of renal toxicity drugs, drugs to reduce renal damage incidence has an important role.

Antibiotics and chemical drugs:

Often damage: amphotericin B, neomycin, cephalosporin II and so on.

More often damage: gentamicin, kanamycin, streptomycin, tobramycin, Amikacin, polymyxin, vancomycin, iodine amine drugs.

I see the damage: oxacillin.

Two, coffee

Not only can increase the blood pressure and elevated cholesterol, increased arterial stiffness, the kidney adverse, not for regular drinking.

Three, tea

Tea contains caffeine and other substances, can cause increased blood pressure, make the heart beat faster. Green Tea containing less caffeine, containing more polyphenols, which eliminate the role of caffeine, and diuretic. Therefore nephropathy patients can drink, but avoid tea, tea varieties with green tea is more appropriate.

Four, smoke

Smoking can cause high blood pressure, increased lipid metabolism, increase small artery contraction, these factors can make kidney deterioration, deterioration of renal function. Smoking can increase the incidence of chronic bronchitis and lung cancer, and patients with nephropathy Tim respiratory diseases, more detrimental to your health. Smoking can increase kidney burden on patients, thereby to recuperate cure disadvantage. Therefore, nephropathy patients should decisively to stop smoking.


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