/How long can chronic kidney disease stage 4 live?

How long can chronic kidney disease stage 4 live?

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Chronic kidney disease is also called membranous glomerulonephritis, it is actually caused by epithelial cells in the glomerular basement membrane was diffusely thickened. Primary membranous nephropathy is certain, it can be secondary to many diseases, such as systemic infection disease, malignant tumor and so on. Patients with membranous nephropathy mainly nephrotic syndrome syndrome, or asymptomatic proteinuria phenomenon, the disease course has repeatedly, characteristics of chronic persistent. Membranous nephropathy patients will have some doubts, such as membranous nephropathy four how should treat

Chronic kidney disease can be pided into 4 periods, in a period with great changes generally do not cause symptoms, and to the four patients is more serious patients, generally called the hardening period. Patients with membranous nephropathy is also likely to have some complications.

The four stage of nephropathy is the most serious period, the patients not only can take anticoagulant therapy, lipid-lowering therapy, glucocorticoid treatment and so on, can also be used for the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. At the same time some injection immune stimulating agent, immune globulin and so on.

In the early stage of chronic nephritis is not a serious disease, but if it has been developed, the disease will be more severe although difficult to treat, but not to say that is an incurable disease. Suffering from chronic nephritis must use scientific and effective treatment to control the disease, let life can be effectively extended.

Chronic kidney disease is a chronic disease, but also easy to repeated attacks, it will make people become depression and irritability, so in addition to drug treatment, so that patients with confidence, it is important to have an optimistic attitude towards the control of the illness.



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