/The healthy and common diet for chronic kidney disease stage

The healthy and common diet for chronic kidney disease stage

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Even though diet can’t help cure chronic kidney disease stage 4 patients , it is indeed effective on helping controlling chronic kidney disease stage 4 symptoms and improving patients’ overall health. However, not all chronic kidney disease stage 4 patients know how to develop a healthy diet, so we are here to teach these patients how to arrange a healthy diet.

The following are some basic requirements for kidney-friendly diet.

1. Follow a low-sodium diet

Nearly all chronic kidney disease stage 4 patients have high blood pressure, while a low-sodium diet can help patients control their blood pressure. Besides, swelling is another concern of most kidney disease patients. Developing a low-sodium diet is helpful to ease fluid and sodium retention.

2. Follow a low-protein diet

Protein is essential nutrition for our body, but it also produces some waste products. Our kidneys are responsible for removing out these waste products. When kidneys are damaged, extra protein will increase the burden on kidneys. Therefore, chronic kidney disease stage 4 patients should arrange a low-protein diet. Besides, high-quality protein is recommended.

3. Follow a low-potassium diet

In end stage kidney disease, kidneys usually can’t filter out potassium efficiently, while most potassium comes from foods what we eat. If left alone, high potassium level can cause heart and bone diseases. Therefore, patients should limit the intake of high-potassium foods, including banana, watermelon, lemon, orange, etc.

4. Follow a low-phosphorus diet

Just like potassium, extra phosphorus also builds up in the blood easily, resulting in low calcium level, skin itching and bone disease. If you are tested out high phosphorus level, you should avoid high-phosphorus foods such as animal giblets and mushroom.

Here, we can’t give out some personalized advices, because patients’ illness condition changes from person to person. If you haven’t developed a right diet, you can contact us. We are glad to give you some suggestions online.


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