/Wary of chronic kidney disease four dietary misconceptions

Wary of chronic kidney disease four dietary misconceptions

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Chronic kidney disease is a common disease, and domestic and international surveys show that one in 10 adults has a chronic kidney disease. There are many causes of chronic kidney disease, such as chronic glomerulonephritis, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc. These diseases are closely related to lifestyle and dietary habits. Therefore, in the course of long-term treatment of the disease, the correct dietary adjustment can directly affect the therapeutic effect, besides the use of drugs. Wu yifan, deputy director of the kidney disease department at the central hospital of guangdong province, pointed out that although many patients with chronic kidney disease know to quit, there are many misunderstandings in daily life.

Myth 1: kidney disease can't eat meat

Many people with chronic kidney disease think they have kidney disease to eat less, and to eat, it is not. The body's recovery needs nutrition, the body's main source of nutrition is through food supply, if excessive temperance, can appear malnutrition, leading to the kidney disease aggravation. Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) really need to change is the structure of diet, reduced protein intake, increase the proportion of high quality protein, and must ensure that the total caloric intake, the key to do two things:

One is to ensure reasonable and high-quality low-protein diet. Is to eat the right amount of lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk and other foods high quality protein, total amount not much, but must eat, otherwise the body will lack of protein, especially albuminuria more serious patients should pay attention to. You should eat a small amount of your illness and your own nutritional situation every day. You can ask the doctor or dietitian of the main clinic.

The second is to maintain a reasonable diet. Almost all the food to provide heat, patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) meat egg milk component is reduced, and some will reduce the weight of staple food, can only through the eat more green vegetables, when it is necessary to increase wheat starches (contain very small amounts of protein) to maintain the quantity of heat, the energy needed for the various life activities to ensure that the human body.

Old fire soup is a treasure

Guangzhou people like to drink old fire soup, many patients think the disease should drink old fire soup to supplement. In fact, chronic kidney disease patients most avoid old fire soup. Because the soup contains a lot of nitrogen and other nitrogen, it can increase the amount of nitrogen in the blood, aggravate the damage of the kidney, and even the long boiled soups. Therefore, people with chronic kidney disease should try to avoid all kinds of broth, and even if they want to drink soup, they can boil for 15-30 minutes.

Myth 3: kidney disease should be strictly "abstinence"

Have chronic kidney disease (CKD), some of the food is to limit and its limit foods vary but the illness, the cause of the need to learn more about all kinds of food can't eat, lest give wrong mouth bad instead. For instance, some patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) by potassium excretion is bad, easy to high potassium, be restricted due to the high potassium foods such as seaweed, bananas, oranges and so on, but some patients such as renal tubular acidosis is a long line of potassium is overmuch, but need more foods high potassium supplement.

Myth: Chinese medicine is suitable for everyone

Many patients like Chinese medicine, which is helpful for the treatment of diseases. But, must not blindly follow other patients have long used "introduction", because everyone's constitution is different, the inpidualization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the most exquisite, if used improperly, the result will just do the opposite. Therefore, on the one hand, learn some common sense of food attributes, such as ginger and mutton, which help Yang, lilium and cloud ear are nourishing Yin, huaishan, foxnut and coix seed are for moisture. On the other hand, you should communicate with Chinese doctors and learn about your health.


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