/Low protein diet treatment in CKD

Low protein diet treatment in CKD

author:admin       pubdate:2017-08-07 14:47

Low protein diet can reduce protein catabolism of wastes, reduce the kidney high load working condition and reduce blood urea nitrogen and creatinine, thus delaying atrophy of glomerular sclerosis and renal failure.

At present, by studying a large number of domestic and foreign clinical confirmed that the persistent development of low protein diet therapy can effectively play a role:

1, slow down the deterioration of chronic renal failure

2, lower blood urea nitrogen, creatinine index;

3, to ease the effects of hyperkalemia, hyperphosphatemia, high purine on the body;

4, reduce urinary protein excretion rate;

5, improve the clinical symptoms of renal failure uremia;

Low protein diet therapy through the above research result persistence is an important part of secondary chronic renal failure can not be ignored. Therefore, dietary therapy and drug therapy have an equal role in the progression of renal failure in patients with remission. As the diet should pay attention to scientific treatment, and actively cooperate with the treatment, the only way to the maximum the degree of protection of renal function, delaying chronic kidney disease progress to achieve the purpose.



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