/Chronic kidney disease stage 4 diet notes four points

Chronic kidney disease stage 4 diet notes four points

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In the long course of treatment of chronic kidney disease, in addition to drug use, the correct diet also has a direct impact on the treatment effect. Although many patients with chronic kidney disease are known to quit, but there are many misunderstandings about the specific operation. The right chronic kidney disease stage 4 diet should be what ?

Notes on diet in stage 4 chronic kidney disease

1, eating is not equal to do not eat

Many patients with chronic kidney disease are thought to have kidney disease to eat, to eat vegetarian, actually not so. The nutritional needs of the body rehabilitation, nutrition is the main source of the human body through the food supply, if excessive control, will lead to kidney disease and malnutrition.

In patients with chronic kidney disease is really need to change the structure of the diet, appropriate to reduce the intake of protein, increase the proportion of high quality protein, but also must ensure that the total calorie intake standard, key points: (1) to ensure a reasonable quality low protein diet is to eat the right amount of lean meat, chicken, fish, egg, milk, etc. high quality protein foods, the amount not much, but must eat, otherwise the body will be a lack of protein, especially protein in urine in patients with more serious more attention. Every day should eat the amount determined by the specific nutritional condition and their own, can ask the attending doctor or dietitian. (2) to maintain a reasonable diet. Almost all foods provide calories, meat and milk in patients with chronic kidney disease component has been reduced, and some also reduce food components, only by eating more vegetables, wheat starch increased when necessary Foods (containing a small amount of protein) are used to maintain heat to ensure the energy needed for human activities

2. soup is not treasure"

Guangzhou people love to drink soup, many patients that the disease to drink soup patch. In fact, the most taboo soup in patients with chronic kidney disease. Because the soup contains a large number of purine nitrogen compounds, nitrogen compounds in the blood can be increased, aggravating kidney damage, even longer to cook the soup. Therefore, patients with chronic kidney disease should try to drink all kinds of broth, even to drink soup, usually boil for 15-30 minutes on it.

3. don't limit your diet blindly

Got chronic kidney disease, some food is to limit, but the limit condition of different food is different, need all kinds of food can not eat more, so as not to quit the wrong mouth but not good. For example, some patients with chronic kidney disease due to potassium excretion is not good, easy to high potassium, high potassium foods need to limit such as seaweed, bananas, oranges and so on, but some patients such as renal tubular acidosis long-term excessive excretion of potassium, but you should eat more food with high potassium.

4. TCM diet should be inpidualized

Many people love the traditional Chinese medicine therapy, for the treatment of diseases is a supplementary role. But must not blindly follow other patients, the others "prescription" to yourself, because everyone's body is different, and the most exquisite Chinese inpidual, if used when results is the opposite. Therefore, on the one hand to learn some food attribute knowledge, such as ginger, mutton is Yang, lily, tremella Ziyin, yam, Gorgon fruit, barley is Qi dampness. On the other hand to communicate more with Chinese medicine, understand their own constitution.

In short, chronic kidney disease and diet is indeed very important, both patients need to have strong consciousness and enduring patience, also need to have the right knowledge, in order to avoid into the errors. So as to form a good early nephropathy diet, improve the therapeutic effect.

Chronic kidney disease, diet, contraindication

1., taboo excitant food: wine, tea, coffee

2., a variety of spicy spices such as onions, ginger, garlic, curry, mustard, pepper

3. various spices and vegetables containing essential oils, such as leek, fennel, celery, red radish and so on

4. should not eat spinach, bamboo shoots, amaranth and so on, as well as beans and bean products, animal offal and thick chicken soup, broth and so on

5. avoid eating fried foods; eat foods containing high levels of nucleoprotein



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