/Chronic kidney disease stage 4 should pay attention to contr

Chronic kidney disease stage 4 should pay attention to contr

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Intervention to control chronic kidney disease, prevent the progression of chronic renal disease patients is the key to physical rehabilitation. Diet therapy is an important measure for the treatment of kidney disease, kidney disease, healthy eating habits, with the right medication, control of kidney disease, reduce the burden on the kidneys, is important the significance of delay the deterioration of renal function.

Chronic kidney disease stage 4 should pay attention to control diet

and how to control diet?

Low salt and low-fat: edible salt dosage, the general daily salt intake should be 2-4G, which can avoid the retention of sodium and water, to prevent the aggravation of edema and hypertension, can choose a meal do not eat any food containing salt, low-fat diet can reduce arteriosclerosis, reduce cholesterol, protect the kidney.

High quality low protein: reducing the intake of protein can make the blood urea nitrogen levels decreased, given daily 0.6g/kg protein, most of the patients can meet the basic needs of the body. It should try to avoid the vegetable protein, appropriate to add milk, egg, fish, meat and other animal protein. Not recommended for kidney patients to eat "protein powder". At different degree many of our patients are excess nutrients, including excessive intake of protein, which virtually increase the burden on the kidneys.

Add calories: adequate energy intake can provide heat and reduce the decomposition of protein, decrease in protein consumption, progress can delay the kidney disease, and can prevent the occurrence of malnutrition, the daily caloric requirement of 125 thousand and 600 kJ / kg, can choose high in calories and low protein content of staple foods like potatoes, yams, taro etc..

Low potassium diet: potassium is excreted mainly by the kidneys, eat more and more, eat less, eat not row. Hyperkalemia in chronic renal failure is one of the common and serious complication, can lead to cardiac arrest, so it should be strictly restricted in food intake of potassium (less than 2g/ days), with high potassium diet, such as with seaweed, bananas, peanuts and so on.

High calcium low phosphorus: chronic kidney disease often occurs with low calcium and high phosphorus, serious health hazard, so should pay attention to diet foods high in calcium and phosphorus. Such as liver, seafood soup, dried fruit should eat less, or try not to eat, reduced food intake of phosphorus, but also to protect the kidney function.

Once suffering from chronic kidney disease, is very difficult to cure. The doctor will often tell patients: for the treatment of chronic kidney disease is a long process, self management ability will directly affect the effectiveness of your treatment. For own kidney disease (such as chronic nephritis) and risk factors (such as proteinuria, hypertension and other treatment) timely and effective, but also may cause secondary damage to kidney diseases (such as diabetes, ventilation, hypertension) and risk factors (such as smoking, hyperlipidemia) to make timely and effective treatment and control, development and prevent the deterioration of chronic kidney disease.



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