/CKD stage 4 diet taboo: bananas, Soybean Milk, herbal tea, s

CKD stage 4 diet taboo: bananas, Soybean Milk, herbal tea, s

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In the past ten years, the rapid growth of chronic kidney disease Chinese hypertension. In developed countries, diabetic nephropathy patients, mostly the elderly. But in our country, glomerulonephritis is the first incidence of chronic kidney disease, is also the leading cause of end-stage renal failure. At present our country every 10 adults a person suffering from chronic kidney disease, 1% of which may develop into uremia. On the one hand, the incidence of chronic renal diseases is shocking, on the other hand, neglect of kidney health who is not in the minority.

Many kidney disease patients are in imperceptibly in "eat". The kidney is an important organ of the human body, is responsible for the excretion of waste and toxins, a lot of delicacy, if not pay attention to eat or eat too much, will increase the burden on the kidneys, long-term intermittent, high load operation, can easily lead to kidney disease. The following food for stage 4 chronic kidney disease, should not eat.


Kiwi is a healthy food, rich in vitamins, the vitamin C content high is 4 - 12 times of orange, apple is 30 times, 60 times or even grapes. Studies have confirmed that the kiwi is a blocking body "carcinogenic nitrosamine generating activity the material, thus has good anti-cancer effects.

But the kiwi is rich in potassium, renal function is normal diet. And kiwi cold, so the spleen deficiency should Shensi, often diarrhea and frequent urination should not eat. The research shows that some children eat kiwi too much can cause severe allergic reactions, and even lead to collapse. However, so far no a case report of death caused by eating kiwi fruit.

Drinking water

The doctor asked the patient usually drink plenty of water. Water is the most basic and the most simple health beverage conditioning, and even patients through drinking out of kidney stones. However, if nephritis patients, so we should pay attention to control the amount of daily drinking water, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys.

Herbal tea

Canned herbal tea drinks sold very well, when a lot of people eat the Hot pot mengguan herbal tea that can fire. In a taste of herbal tea, herbal medicine called Prunella vulgaris, according to said it can clear the liver, dispersing stagnation, can also be used by the liver disease indications. However, each person's body is different, even in the summer, everyone did not need to fire. So, if the herbal tea as a beverage, a large number of long-term drinking, there may be loss of appetite, mouth sores, constipation, abdominal pain and diarrhea, dizziness and other symptoms of deficiency, but also a serious kidney failure. At present, there have been many cases of drinking herbal tea drink has nephrotoxic reaction cases.

Sheep kidney

Some people always think that "in order to shape up, eat kidney kidney. Sheep kidney contains rich protein, vitamin A, iron, phosphorus, selenium and other nutrient elements, a lean blood aphrodisiac effect. Especially suitable for kidney injury, Yaoxisuanruan, weak feet and knees, deafness, thirst, frequent urination embolism. However, sheep kidney contains large amounts of uric acid and purine, not easily expelled from the body, eat more but will aggravate the burden of kidney patients.


Bananas are good for hypertensive patients in particular. It contains a variety of vitamins, including vitamin E can increase the vascular wall elasticity, trace elements which contain more potassium, can lower blood pressure. Clinical studies have shown that diastolic blood pressure was moderate hypertensive patients every day to eat bananas can make blood pressure.

However, bananas contain more sodium salt. People with poor kidney function eat more bananas and eat more sodium salt. Once consumed, it can increase the burden of kidney function and cause deterioration of the disease


Carambola is a very good health fruit. Chinese medicine, eat one, in the summer, Qingrejiedu, thirst, lungs and phlegm, Qi and in liniaotonglin. Folk believes that eating carambola can cure fever polydipsia, heat cough, oral erosion, sore throat, toothache, bone section wind pain, carbuncle swelling and traumatic injury.

However, some carambola has kidney toxicity, can cause hematuria of glomerular basement membrane and epithelial cells, normal renal function injury. Originally, in a state of starvation, or a lot of sweating (the body in a dry state), in a short period of time to eat a lot of acid Star fruit juice, blood creatinine will appear suddenly increased. Acute renal failure and renal failure patients, in the consumption of Carambola will appear after the toxic reaction in different degree, or make the disease quickly developed into uremia, and even death.

Soybean Milk

Soy products, including soy milk, are rich in protein and vitamins, but do not contain cholesterol, therefore, obesity, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, coronary heart disease and other patients, is a healthy food

However, people with kidney problems should not take too many proteins. The amino acids synthesized from soy protein are non essential amino acids. If they produce excessive amounts of metabolic waste, they may increase the burden on the kidneys


Watermelon is the most common summer fruit. Water melon watermelon as high as 96.6%, and a variety of nutrients, can appetizer, water, heat, nourish the body. Even eat watermelon for high fever remedies. Modern medicine has proved that the watermelon contains large amounts of water and glucose, amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salt other substances, can be used to supplement nutrition, improve dehydration. Still can reduce blood pressure, soften blood vessels, relieve edema.

However, for nephritis patients, eat a lot of watermelon in a short period of time, will make the body more water, more than the body's physiological capacity. Renal insufficiency of the kidney to enter the body too much water can not be adjusted and excreted, will cause a sharp increase in blood volume, easily lead to death due to acute heart failure.



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