/Diet prescription for 3-4 stage chronic kidney disease

Diet prescription for 3-4 stage chronic kidney disease

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First, the principle of diet

1., the diet to light as the principle, less greasy food, spicy food

2. with the low protein diet principle, high protein food refers to the meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk and so on, this kind of food intake is best accounted for more than half the total intake of protein per day; low protein refers to patients with renal insufficiency should strictly control the total amount of protein intake, by physician or dietitian for you calculation of the specific amount.

3. without diabetes, should be based on the control protein, to ensure the heat supply, may try to take starchy foods instead of Steamed Rice as staple food (because of starchy food protein content, less than Steamed Rice so as to guarantee the supply of energy, without increasing protein intake). These foods include: pasta. Horseshoe cake, bread, dumplings, vermicelli, lotus root starch etc.

4. if the patients with diabetes and control protein but also to control the total calories, can try to use wheat starch class food representative Steamed Rice as staple food. But high glycemic index foods to limit food, such as sugar, honey, sugar, sugar drink, can be allowed to eat Steamed Rice weight replacement amount of rice grains (buckwheat, barley, yam, rice, red rice, black rice, etc.), but because such grains rich in potassium, phosphorus, potassium and phosphorus in patients with high blood, need to eat according to physician or dietitian approved after deal.

5. beware of beans and bean products, including soybeans, black beans, red bean, mung bean, Soybean Milk, Dried tofu, soy milk, tofu skin.

6. with soup, including gravy, chicken soup, bone soup, fish soup; if you have to drink the soup, the meal of vegetables, fruits and meat to the net (with bone) rolling boil for 20 minutes or so, the vegetables, meat eating meat, but each meal total control unchanged.

7., patients with hyperuricemia need to control purine intake, can not eat animal offal, soup, seafood, beer and other high purine foods, need to limit meat, cooking meat should be boiled in boiling water to eat

8., appropriate eating fruit, vitamin supplements (forbidden to eat carambola and some hot and humid fruit, such as mango, pineapple, litchi, longan, etc.), not more than 200g per day, should not be eaten immediately after meals, should be eaten 2 hours after meals

Intake of 9. edema patients should strictly control the moisture, water intake and total daily physician or dietitian agreed to eat less porridge, milk, soup, fruit and other food containing a lot of water. But can also use these tips:

(1) water intake, =500ml+, the amount of urine the day before

(2) use a graduated cup or an empty device to hold water, so that you can be more conscious of the amount of water you drink

10. there is edema and oliguria, hypertension patients should limit salt daily should be less than 3G. and eat less or do not eat pickles, pickled tofu, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate preserved egg, sodium containing high food (because the main component of salt is sodium chloride, these foods contain sodium), also can remember the salt control techniques:

(1) use a scalar spoon (such as a 3G salt spoon) to control the amount of salt used in each cooking

(2) vegetable pot told Yanhua above, reduce the amount of salt.

(3) do not eat all kinds of salt pickled foods, such as sausages, pickles, instant noodles and so on

11. special food example (depending on the results of blood electrolyte test, such as high potassium foods, potassium should be more food when eating, high potassium should be fasting, normal can be unrestricted)

(1) high potassium food: mushroom, kelp, laver, banana, orange, pineapple, cucumber, carrots, potatoes, millet etc.;

(2) low potassium food: rice, wax gourd, eggplant, watermelon, apple, grape, pear and so on

(3) high sodium foods: salt, soy sauce, pickles, bacon, preserved eggs, soybeans, tofu, macaroni and so on;

(4) low sodium food: meat, potatoes, taro, leek, loofah and so on

(5) high phosphorus foods: millet, mung beans, offal, egg yolk, mushrooms, kelp, seaweed, peanuts and so on

(6) low phosphorus food: egg, goose, radish, sweet potato, taro, vermicelli, jelly, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, etc.;

(7) high calcium foods: milk, amaranth, kelp, laver, sesame, shrimp etc.

Two, Chinese medicine nursed back to health

1. foot massage: acupoints [basic points: kidney, ureter, bladder, upper body lymph nodes, and lymph nodes; auxiliary points: edema, spleen, lung, heart and liver; hypertension; often choose to Yongquan, Gongsun, Yin, Neiting] methods: 1 hours after a meal, on the afternoon or evening can be. In selected acupoints Tu moisturizing cream, with edema or knuckles massage, also available in small wooden circular smooth instead. Techniques for rubbing and sliding back and forth round two. Each point massage 2-3 minutes, the total time less than 20 minutes. After the massage can soak feet for 20 minutes.

Three, Chinese diet therapy

1. Guangxi heart porridge: rice, Guangxi Xinmo 5g, often method porridge, until half cooked Xinmo (spleen detumescence) with Guangxi

2. Huai Qi chicken: yam 5, medlar 15g, chicken 75g, jujube 2 pieces, 2 pieces of ginger, Water 200ml, salt seasoning, suitable for cooked food. The spleen deficiency and dampness and normal renal function.

Four, characteristics of Chinese medicine treatment

1. sleep: ear pressure beans, drug bath, sleep with acupoint improve sleep, combined with better results.

2.: nausea and vomiting antiemetic, auricular plaster therapy, acupoint injection, Moxa Moxibustion.

3.: ultrasonic frequency, hematuria hematuria drug bath, Acupoint Moxibustion.

4. proteinuria proteinuria: drug bath, Acupoint Moxibustion.

5. edema: drug bath edema, Acupoint Moxibustion, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation.

6. renal abnormalities: Rectoclysis with traditional Chinese herbs, Chinese medicine colon dialysis, moxibustion, acupoint application combined with renal failure with better results.

7. under immunity: moxibustion, auricular beans.



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