/Stage 3-4 chronic kidney disease patients with winter diet r

Stage 3-4 chronic kidney disease patients with winter diet r

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In recent years, with the way of life, the change of dietary structure, the prevalence of chronic kidney disease is more and more high, according to the domestic and foreign related survey found that the prevalence of chronic kidney disease as high as 10%, has become one of the common diseases that threaten people's health.

Chronic kidney disease is related to renal abnormalities such as examination, hematuria, proteinuria, renal biopsy pathological problems, ultrasound shows that the morphological changes of kidney, or kidney function decline, and duration more than three months.

According to the extent of the decline in renal function, chronic kidney disease can be pided into 5 stages. The fifth stage treatment is the last period of the general need to rely on dialysis, kidney transplantation, and 1-4 phase to conservative treatment. Stage 3-4 chronic kidney disease before dialysis as a mark, take various measures to improve the effect of treatment is very conservative important. At this time, not only need to rely on drug treatment, but also rely on the diet, the patients themselves then, in the cold winter is coming, what should notice?

Stage 3-4 chronic kidney disease patients with winter diet regimen points:reasonable diet

Chinese medicine believes that "Yang in spring and summer, autumn and winter Yin, the winter diet should be Ziyin Runzao, as the basic principle, can eat tofu, tremella, lily, honey, rice, green leafy vegetables and other foods. Some nourishing Yin effect fruit such as apples, pears, grapes, help students Tianjin prevent dryness and it may be appropriate to eat.

The cold winter, Qi and blood tend to, skin tight, water is not easy to escape from body surface, body sweating significantly reduced, so the winter is the most difficult to control water balance of the season. In chronic kidney disease patients must strictly control the intake of water, prevent edema. In addition, but also should pay attention to "eat less salt" in winter, because kidney exuberant, kidney main salty, when eating salty will for a long time, kidney water is more prosperous, more likely to cause edema, but also easily lead to increased blood pressure.

Using high quality low protein diet. The principle of high quality protein food refers to the meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk and so on, this kind of food intake is best accounted for more than 60% of the total daily protein intake; low protein intake refers to the total protein 0.6g protein /kg in weight / day, of course, can be calculated by a physician or dietitian help the specific amount.

No diabetes, should be based on the control protein, to ensure the heat supply, can try to use wheat starch class food representative Steamed Rice as staple food (as the wheat starch food protein content less than Steamed Rice very much, so as to guarantee the supply of energy, without increasing protein intake). This kind of food products including horseshoe cake, silver powder, vermicelli, lotus root starch, or buy their own wheat starch made into noodles, dumplings, Steamed Buns. If the patients with diabetes, sugar, honey, sugar, sugar drink should pay attention to food restriction.

Finally we must pay attention to the cold winter, do not blindly tonic, remember to drink soup, including gravy, chicken soup, bone soup, fish soup. Do not eat animal offal, seafood, beer and other high purine foods, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys.



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