/Winter chronic kidney disease stage 3-4 patients need carefu

Winter chronic kidney disease stage 3-4 patients need carefu

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China chronic kidney disease prevalence rate as high as 10%, stage 1~4 chronic kidney disease based on conservative therapy, and 3~4 as dialysis and kidney transplantation before the mark, to take various measures, especially important to improve the effect of conservative treatment. Experts pointed out that winter chronic kidney disease stage 3-4 patients need careful swelling

Excessive salt induced kidney water retention.

Edema can cause blood pressure to rise

"Chronic kidney disease patients must strictly control the intake of water." experts pointed out that the risk of chronic kidney disease, patients with hematuria, proteinuria, renal biopsy pathological problems, ultrasound shows that the morphological changes of kidney, or kidney function decline, are especially prone to edema.

In the winter, even ordinary people, sweating can also significantly reduced, winter is more chronic kidney disease are the most difficult to control water balance of the season. The TCM theory argues that the winter kidney exuberant, kidney main salty, when eating salty will for a long time, kidney water is more prosperous, more likely to cause edema, but also easily lead to elevated blood pressure. "Therefore, patients with chronic kidney disease in particular should pay attention to eat less salt"

Reduce protein intake

Wheat starch is the staple food instead of rice

Experts suggest that the 3~4 stage of chronic kidney disease in winter, diet principles should be of high quality low protein. Low protein intake refers to the total protein in 0.6g protein /kg/ days, can be calculated by the physician or dietitian help specific. Generally speaking, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk and other high protein food intake for the best every day for more than 60% of total protein intake.

In addition, if patients with chronic kidney disease without diabetes, should be based on the control protein, to ensure adequate supply of heat. "As far as possible the use of wheat starch class food representative Steamed Rice as staple food." he explained, because the wheat starch food protein content is much less than Steamed Rice, so can not only guarantee the supply of energy, but does not increase protein intake. This kind of food products including: chestnut cake, silver powder, vermicelli, lotus root starch, or buy their own wheat starch made into noodles, dumplings, Steamed Buns. If the patients with diabetes, sugar, honey, sugar, sugar drink should pay attention to food restriction.

For the old love soup, Wu Yifan reminded, do not blindly tonic, remember that chronic nephropathy patients can not drink the soup, including gravy, chicken soup, bone soup, fish soup. Do not eat animal offal, seafood, beer and other high purine foods, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys.

Promoting fluid and moistening dryness to prevent cold

Eat more white fungus tofu

Chinese medicine believes that winter, the main "hidden" should be dormant, chronic kidney disease patients should strengthen the life conditioning, energy collection, maintenance of the body

The living, "lie down early late, for the sun, the day before go to bed early, the next day to maintain the body Yang; after the morning sun to get up, nourish yin; prolong the sleep time, reduce all kinds of activities, can play the effect of energy.

In disease prevention, chronic kidney disease itself because urine toxins, hypertension, vascular function is not very good, so more attention should be paid to cold protection vessels, to prevent accidents. Add warm clothing to prevent colds, is a compulsory course in patients with nephropathy, and dryness even less. You can eat tremella, tofu Lily, honey, rice, green leafy vegetables and other foods, and pears, apples, grapes and other fruits with nourishing Yin effect.


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